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My plans for Monday, November 27th - Sunday, December 3rd

Monday, November 27th:
I have to be awake early, because I will go see my friend Mella in Helsinki.
After that I will go back home, my HoivaOnni worker will visit me.
After that I will go to Girls' House, after that me and Mirette will go see a movie about Sami teenagers.

Tuesday, November 28th:
I will receive my weekly allowance from the social office. I will pay my Netflix and Spotify Premium subscriptions, buy December's birthday and nameday cards, and a new toothbrush, toilet brush, and rubber gloves for washing the dishes and doing general housework.
I will visit Twinkle cafe, and then I will go to Late Winds.

Wednesday, November 29th:
I will go to Ore Mansion station to take photos of the street art with Mirette. Then we will check out the new subway route.

Thursday, November 30th:
I will go to Girls' House, then I will go to the youth group in the local church.
Goodbye, November!

Friday, December 1st:
Hello, December!
I will start doing the weekly housecleaning, and go visit my mother to collect the weekly allowance.

Saturday, December 2nd:
It's Odessa's birthday!

Sunday, December 3rd:
I will go visit my parents, then I will go to the gym.

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