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Christmas parade

Last night when I went to the bathroom to have a wash, I suddenly felt like my heart was stabbed with an icicle. I started feeling sad, and that sadness lasted for the rest of the evening. I don't know why, I didn't know the reason behind it.
I tried to cheer myself up by reading my favourite book and then reading a book I had never read before. I didn't feel any better, so I just went to sleep.

In the morning I felt better, I even managed to brush my teeth and put lotion on my skin. I have decided not to use deodorant anymore because my armpits have rash in them, at least not until they have healed.

My upper back was aching, I felt a stabby pain between my shoulder blades. I guess I should exercise more, and go visit the masseuse at least once a month.

Later the day me and Mirette went to Helsinki to watch the "Opening of the Christmas season" party and the parade.
It was lovely to see when the last rays of sunshine fell on the church.
When they sang "War is over", we followed the parade. I went to see my parents, Mirette stayed to take photos.

I travelled to my parents' home, both mom and dad were there.

I ate plenty of treats and drank coffee.
I called my granny. I have decided to call her every Sunday when I visit my parents.

Mom gave me 20 euros and two microfiber rags.

I travelled back home, and did some stretches and exercises. I tokk my meds, brushed my teeth and dabbed lotion on my skin.

I set my smartphone alarm to wake me up at ten o'clock in the morning; I will go see my friend Mella in Helsinki, then I will go back home when my HoivaOnni worker will visit me.
Then I will go to Girls' House, after that me and Mirette will go see a movie.
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