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Ladies used to sing this song

I had a pretty nice weekend. My three best friends Suavecita, Eleclya, and Mirette had a sleepover from Saturday to Sunday; I slept on the inflatable mattress cuddled next to Suavecita, Mirette slept on my bed, and Eleclya slept on the sofa- bed.

I woke up pretty early and didn't get much sleep. Soon we were all awake, fiddling on our smartphones and eating the leftover party treats, except Eleclya who seemed to be turned into a vampire and kept on complaining that the daylight was hurting her eyes. The funny thing about Eleclya is that she is never actually angry, when she seems to be angry she is just joking.

We spent most of the day eating treats and doing this and that. I washed about four loads of laundry and one load of dishes.

Suavecita lost her Santa Muerte pendant, so I gave mine to her. I helped Suavecita and Eleclya to bring their luggage to Suavecita's car, she was supposed to drive Eleclya to Mallard's (her adoptive mother) house because Eleclya's adoptive cousins were visiting her (and because Mallard wanted to complain to Eleclya about how lazy she is).

I started to feel woozy because I had spent the entire day inside eating sugary treats.

Mirette stayed for another sleepover night.

Tomorrow my HoivaOnni worker will visit me at three o'clock in the afternoon. I also have to pop down to the shops to buy some milk, and probably go to the gym.
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