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The situation right nao

🍏 I wish I could get a new laptop soon, I would love to download all kinds of pretty fonts from DAFont.com and also donate a fiver or something to the fontsmiths.

🍊 Another reason is that I want to watch Netflix, I am getting tired of watching it on the small screen of my smartphone.

🍎 I had to rub Aqualan into my neck and behind my ears, so the area wouldn't get all grubby.

🍋 I sure love my family, especially now that I don't live with them anymore. Sometimes I wonder how I am all Zen all the time, considering that the rest of my family yells and hollers and bellows all the time like a bunch of rabid- ass baboons.

🍉 I feel pretty icky, I guess it's either Auntie Flo or Auntie Flu.

🍇 They call me Mellow Jello, this fellow never bellows...

🍓 Next year I am going to start preparing for Xmas more earlier, so I can buy all the wrapping papers and such before they are sold out, this year I had to make do with yesteryears. They were pretty enough but a bit crinkled.

🍈 I have decided to host a gift- giving party at my bachelorette pad on January 27th, I am going to distribute late gifts to my three best friends Suavecita, Mirette, and Eleclya, and perhaps serve coffee and some treats.
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