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Happy Boxing day, everyone! ^_^

Last night when I went to bed, I felt a bit woozy. I guess it is because I have been inside all day, and I haven't got much fresh air. I guess it's cabin fever.

I slept pretty well, except that I had a nightmare about riding my bicycle near my old junior high school building where I was almost sexually assaulted by two Street Fighters. Then I had a nicer dream where I met this woman whose style could be depicted as ”Harry Potter goes punk rock” and she helped me navigate the buses in Helsinki.

I got up when my parents got up as well. I took my meds, had a wash, got dressed, and ate breakfast.

I packed my stuff and gave my parents butterfly kisses, I couldn't kiss them properly because I didn't want to infect them with my flu.

I caught a bus back to Hometown.
Once back at my own home, I noticed that my bed was still unmade and my dishes were still unwashed. I made my bed and washed the dishes.

During the day, I hoovered the floor, scrubbed the bathroom floor, washed a load of laundry, rearranged my bureau drawers, gave stuff away to charity, took out the trash, went to the shops to return the empty bottles and cans that Mirette had left at my home, and (using my own money) bought a potted pink hyacinth and a couple of jugs of milk.

I did a little bit of this and that, and then it was time to go to bed. I felt the evening anxiety returning, and I was also a bit cold.

Tomorrow I will go over to my parents' home again, my mom will give me the rest of the monthly allowance and some birthday money as well. She will also record the Doctor Who Xmas special for me. I will take a couple of extension cords and an old tabletop lamp to my old room, and buy new ones from IKEA.
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