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Still keeping up appearances

Last night I had a dream where I adventured all around Helsinki.
In another dream, I was in front of the Small Mole shopping mall; it was a dry, frosty, chilly, sunny winter day and I was wearing nothing but panties and a pair of sneakers. Me and Mirette went to return bottles and made 40,40 euros. A teenage goth girl saw me naked and laughed at me and called me a prep, and I got angry and started fighting with her. In the same dream, there was a vintage thrift store in Small Mole shopping center, I bought three Dirndl dresses.
In another dream, I was in my grade school and I was chased by one of my bullies on a huge polar bear, and I begged him to kill me and put me out of my misery.
In another dream, I dreamed of my OC who is a transman, he had had a mastectomy and went outside without a shirt, and got burned in the sun. His auntie had to rub cortisone lotion on his back.

I woke up before midday, but decided to sleep more because my sofa- bed felt so nice.

I got up at one o’clock because I realized that I was running out of time. I sat on the edge of my sofa- bed and felt a rush in my head. I didn’t feel like getting up yet, but I had to, because of reasons.

I took my meds, dabbed lotion on my face, and put on clothes. I didn’t bother with brushing my teeth and/or having breakfast, as it was way past lunchtime.

I tried to take a dump, but I felt a bit constipated.

My cough has turned raspy, and my nose still runs. The skin around my eyes is red and flaky.

I called my mom and told her I am coming over, she said alright.
I left straight away, and travelled to my parents’ home. I thought of walking there, but it was raining, I was still sleepy, I still had the flu, and I hadn’t had a decent breakfast.

Mom was home, she gave me 40 euros and fortunately didn’t ask any embarrassing questions.

I made some coffee, and ate two tangerines and two pieces of feta cheese. After a while, I travelled back to Hometown and went to the supermarket to buy mint- flavored green tea and cocoa powder.

Once back home, I had a huge bout of diarrhea. All the poop that didn’t come out in the morning, came out now.

I put everything to their rightful places and cleaned up a bit. I scrubbed the toilet bowl, hoovered the floor, filled up my Dosett, and bagged the trash.

Later the day Mirette came for a visit, we left immediately to make it to Kiasma (today was one of them free admission days).

Once there, we had a good time. I still felt a bit nauseated when we went to McDonald’s for supper, all the installations and pictures and sculptures depicting sex and violence and blood and guts had taken a toll on my appetite. There were even two sculptures depicting vorarephilia, they looked like something on Tumblr or DeviantART.

I had French fries and a zoklid milkshake. We went to this 24/7 grocery shop and bought salad, zoklid milk, pancaeks, mozzarella pearls, milk, ice tea, and stuff.

Once back home, I took my meds and updated my blogs.
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