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Such a lovely day

I had very weird dreams. In one of them, I was watching a new generation Star Trek episode that had something to do with strange sexual fetishes. In another dream, there was me and my dad and some of my friends, in that dream there was a lot of talk about 13- year- old boy humor like dicks and pussies and beer, and suddenly there was a huge explosion and everyone turned into sweet and kind people and wore flowery dresses.
In another dream, I played Pokémon: RED and thought "No matter how you think you are a lvl 5 Magikarp, there is someone out there who believes you are a level 50 shiny Gyarados".

I got up at midday, and scrambled to the bathroom to take my meds and rub lotion on my face that was almost crinkled because of the dryness. I didn't know what to do, so I went back to bed.
I was just thinking of sleeping off the drowsiness, but ended up sleeping like a log.

I got up at midday, got dressed, and went out.

It had snowed a bit last night, fine powdery snow, and the trees looked like from a fairy tale story book.

I decided to travel to my parents' home. Once there, I rang the doorbell twice, and when mom came to open the door, I explained to her that my smartphone had run out of batteries and my recharger is broken. She let me in, and we had coffee and buns together. I wrote into my diary, did some stretches, brushed my teeth, and put lotion on my skin.

After my smartphone was 100 percent recharged, I took a bus back to Hometown.

I went home to fetch the package I was supposed to give to Elysion, and then I went to visit Pinky.
Once at Pinky's home, I gave the package to Elysion, she opened it immediately and was very grateful of the gits.
We ate salted crisps, green grapes, and baby carrots while watching The Weakest Link.

After I left, I went to the supermarket and bought a few liters of milk, then I went back home.

Mirette had went to her own home. I rearranged the stuff she had left at my home, washed a load of laundry, watched a couple of episodes of Keeping up Apperances, had an evening wash, and soon I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow I will start doing the weekly housework; I will replace the towels and wash them, hoover my bed and mattress and put clean sheets into it. I have to hoover the floor, take out the recycling, and scrub the bathroom.
I will take a medicine prescription form to the psychiatric center to have it renewed, then I will go visit my mother because she will give me the weekly allowance.
I have to go to the pharmacy and buy a batch of another prescription medicine, and at least two big tubes of cortisone lotion; I am bound to use a lot of cortisone lotion for my troublesome skin. I also need to buy groceries and hygiene products, and a new smartphone charger as well.
I might go visit a museum as well. 
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