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Bathing in cortisone lotion

Last night Mirette came home at half past two o’clock in the morning. I was so sleepy that I didn’t even realize that she had arrived.
I went to sleep on my own bed, Mirette slept on the sofa- bed.

I got up at midday, took my morning medicine, got dressed, and called my mother to ask her if I can come over, she said yes.

I walked to my parents’ home. It was perfect weather for going for a walk.

Once at my parents’ home, I had coffee with my mom and then we travelled to Hometown. She gave me the weekly allowance, I went to the pharmacy and bought two of my prescription medicine, and a tube of Hydrocortison lotion.

I went to the supermarket and bought a smartphone recharger.

Once back home, I replaced the towels, put clean sheets into my bed, and washed a load of laundry.

Later the day we went to visit Mirette’s home, she had to pick up some of her stuff for the weekend. Then we went toa thrift store, there was a discount. I bought a skirt, Mirette bought lots of blue and purple clothes.

We travelled to Hometown, and left our shopping bags at my home and then went grocery shopping.

I managed to take out the recycling, and then I washed three loads of laundry.

I haven’t been able to keep my New Year resolution about exercising more, because I got the flu on Christmas Eve and I am not able to exercise when I’m sick. My nose still runs and I have a rotten cough, so it might take a while before I get better. Not to mention I sleep so much and eat so little that I don’t have enough energy for exercising.

Tomorrow we will go visit even more clothing shops, and then we will go to an art museum. I need to go to the gym, and do more housework.
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