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La- la- la- Lapland

I had an amazing dream where I was travelling in Lapland with my mother. I ran along the taiga in the crack of dawn, and petted the reindeer. In another dream I was at the summer cottage, and as usually in those dreams, I realized I had finally arrived there for real, and then I realized that it was all a dream.

I woke up about at midday to a headache and a tremendous coughing fit. There was a lot of noise coming out next door, drilling and a hammer bang- bang- banging.

I decided to sleep as late as I could, but when my smartphone bleeped, I was awoken completely and decided to get up right away.

I took my morning medicine, dabbed lotion on my face, and dressed up. I drank some unsatisfying cocoa, and re- arranged my stuff.

Later the day when me and Mirette were both up and awake, we travelled to Helsinki. We didn't make it to the art museum Ateneum because it was already closed. Instead, we went to two of our favorite clothing shops, Hennes & Mauritz and Monki, not the ones in Forum shopping center but the ones on the Alexander Street where are lots of posh design clothing & accessory shops.

I loved their selection, I am so definitely going to buy all of their amazing clothes.

We went to a few shops, and then we traveled back to Hometown. Once there, we went to the supermarket and bought ice tea, pancakes, and also this huge plastic canvas shopping bag where I can put all of my carton waste.

I was supposed to go to the gym today, but it was getting late and I was tired. I decided to take a shower and give myself a good scrubbing, and then I slathered cortisone lotion on every itchy part of my body.

I spent the evening drinking cocoa, and doing a little bit of this and that.

Tomorrow I will go visit my parents for a little coffee, like every Sunday. I am going to walk there, and then I'll walk back home. I'll call my granny at my parents' home.
Tags: dreams, mirette, real life
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