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Every day is a Sun day

Last night I had a dream where I walk- pushed my bicycle along the highway, it was a sunny summer day and the grass alongside the roads was so dry it looked like straw. I wondered why I wasn’t already getting tired and achy feet, considering that I had visited Parikkala, Rautalampi, Porvoo, Tampere, Kangasala, Riihimäki, different parts of Helsinki and Vantaa, and lots of other places in my home country.
In the dream I was carrying six guinea pigs, three geckos and five baby ducks in a huge plastic vat filled with water, and ended up in Riihimäki. A ginger- bearded biker dude and his wife told me to call an animal shelter, and I was very happy now that I didn’t have to carry them.
In another dream, I went to college in the fictional town of Wet Moon from the graphic novel series by Ross Campbell, and this cheerful heavy rocker guy got a crush on me.
In yet another dream, I visited Riga, not the town but my friend.
In another dream, my friend Mirette went to this art group in Rock City elementary school. It was a sunny wintery afternoon, and I realized that they were having a potluck.
And then I had the usual erotic nightmares. I have them almost every night, one time I had a dream where I was walking in a forest and stepped over a fallen tree trunk, and then the dream changed and I was having buttsex with a burly plumber. Oh me, oh my!

I had slept quite well, except that I kept on waking between hours and I coughed dryly every time I took a deep breath. I might not go to the gym until I have been cured of this flu.
I woke up to the rosy golden sunshine, and got up at noon. I was saying some words when I noticed that Mirette wasn’t visiting me; I had had a lucid dream where she was sleeping on the sofa- bed, but I guess that dream was a bit too lucid.
I took my morning meds, put on some fabulous 1970’s thrift store clothes that certainly would not pass mom- inspection, and then I received a text message from my mom telling me that she was not coming to Twinkle café today. Yay!

I travelled to Pole City and went to Twinkle café. It was such a brisk and chilly day outside, but I think it felt nice how it made my cheeks glow.
Once at Twinkle café, Mella was there as well. She gave me a hug.
We talked about the wonders of the animal world, such as crocodiles who shed tears, octopi that have three brains, or was it hearts? And male seahorses who are able to get pregnant.

I noticed that I had received money, so I renewed my Netflix subscription and ordered a pair of neon green plastic alien earrings (very 1990’s grunge!) and about two dozens of return address stickers, rustic brown with a picture of a starfish or a seahorse.

I had a good time, and I ended up staying all the way to closing time so I didn’t have enough time to go to the Late Winds youth group.

After the group, I took a bus to East Center because I have never travelled with that bus before.
Once there, I went to Espresso House and ordered my favorite treat, Key Lime pie.

I travelled downtown and visited Monki, and Hennes & Mauritz. I knew that the ones in Alexander Street would have a more interesting selection, but I was feeling tired so I decided to go back home.

I went to the shopping mall in Hometown, and bought a necklace for Schlitzie at Hennes & Mauritz. Then I went to the stationery shop, and bought a Valentine’s day card for Mirette, and a greeting card for my friend Kelly who recently got engaged.
I also bought milk and orange juice from the supermarket, then I went back home. I was glad to notice that I had left my diary on my bedside table, so it had not been lost as I thought.

Once back home, I felt quite speedy and manic. I think it was because I drank about a gallon of coffee into an empty stomach, I might lay off the coffee altogether.
I took a few tranquillizers, drank plenty of cocoa, and then I took my evening meds.
I threw up two times, and had an explosive diarrhea four times.
I went to bed, listened to music, and soon I felt better.

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the psychiatric center at two o’clock in the afternoon.
I won’t go to the gym, but I might visit an art museum.

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