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I was supposed to go visit my nurse at the psychiatric center on Wednesday (just a regular monthly appointment, nothing to worry about) but I received a phone call from the secretary telling me that the nurse is away the whole week. I didn’t mind, at least I could sleep some more.

The thing is, I don’t mind if I don’t visit her. My life has been pretty smooth these days, so I don’t have anything special I could talk to her. Of course, I could talk about physical issues like nutrition and exercise, but she is more oriented to treating the soul instead of the body, and besides, I can always talk about physical issues with the nurses at the health center.

I ended up sleeping all day, and only got up to take my evening meds. I guess the reason behind the sleepiness was the hypomania I experienced on Tuesday evening.

I woke up this morning to a coughing fit.
I had had a dream where me and some fictional people were stuck in the burned- out remains of a school building, I seem to have lots of dreams about that place very often, even if it doesn't exist in real life. In the dream, we were attacked by a pack of wild bears, and it seemed like a nightmare, even if I am not that scared of bears; they are just animals who kill in order to protect their cubs.

When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was that the skin around my mouth and under my nose was so dry it was extremely flaky, and when I yawned, I felt my skin crackle. I felt quite grubby around the edges. I wondered if I had met a lover, would they still love me if they woke up next to me looking, well, not as cute as I usually look.
I got up, took my morning meds and drank some coffee. I took a shower, rubbed six kinds of lotion on my skin troublesome, and brushed my teeth, and dressed into pretty clothes.

I was thinking of visiting an art museum today, but I spent most of the day inside and filling my spoons, until I left in the evening.

I went to the shopping mall for a little window shopping. I noticed that many of my favorite clothes were in discount, I am going to buy lots of them tomorrow. I noticed that one of my favorite shops sells awesome pyjama pants! I gave all my pyjama pants to a charity shop after I got sick of my mother complaining about them; now I regret it, I sure love my mother but I have to stay faithful to myself too.

I travelled to Quarry City and went to the youth group in the church; I could have walked, but I was a bit low on the spoons, not to mention that it was slippery outside.

At the group, I talked with the others and ate sea- salted crisps and Maoam candies. The youth worker gave me two packets of free rye bread.
I had an awesome time there. Despite that I am not actually a believer, I enjoy visiting the local church because it’s such a calm and peaceful place and there are lots of good people around.

I went back to the shopping mall and visited more shops. I made a plan that when I go shopping tomorrow, I will buy only those clothes that are in discount.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine, washed a load of laundry, and surfed on the Internet.

Tomorrow I will go visit my mother, she will give me the weekly allowance and a part of the monthly allowance. I need to recharge my travel card, and then I will buy clothes and some gifts for my friends.
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