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Here's to good living

I pretty much spent the entire Thursday sleeping because I received a phone call from the psychiatric clinic, telling me that my nurse cancelled the appointment today. So I had a well enough reason to snooze all day, I only got up to make another mug of cocoa.

I stayed awake during the night, drinking cocoa and watching The Good Place on Netflix.
In the small hours, I took my morning meds, had a proper wash, got dressed, cooked a bowl of oatmeal porridge for breakfast, and did the foot and hand muscle exercises and half of the neck exercises until I got bored and ate my breakfast. I only manage to do my morning routines when I get up early voluntarily.

The day went on, and I watched the rest of the episodes of The Good Place before calling my mother and telling her that I am coming over, she said it's alright.

I decided to walk to my parents' home. On my way there, mom called me and asked if I can pop to the grocery shop and buy a liter of milk, so I did.

Once at my parents' home, mom gave me 100 euros, we had coffee together, and I watched Netflix. I started feeling like I needed to be in another place, but didn't want to leave yet.

I walked to another bus stop, took a bus to Hometown, and went to a newsagent to recharge my travel card. Then I went on a shopping spree; I bought a moss- green velour hoodie that's definitely girlfriend material, and also some gifts for my friends. I also bought some groceries.

I went home, put everything to their rightful places, and did a little bit of this and little bit of that before going to bed.
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