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A full week without updating :U

I was supposed to receive my monthly allowance (140 euros) on Monday, like every 22nd day. I woke up early and used my smartphone to log in to the online bank service, and what do you know, I had not received it.
I actually know the reason why, but my English skillz are not enough to explain.
I spent the entire day in bed, I was too disappointed and I even wept a little.
In the evening I went to see my mom, I had told her about it.
Later the day my dad came home from work, he wasn’t angry to see me, surprisingly enough.

On Tuesday morning, before waking up, I had a dream about the movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle, where Harry teaches Eggsy to use different kinds of cutlery like a gentlesir. In the dream, Eggsy gave up and said “I’mma take a piss”. Harry chided him for his language, and Eggsy said sarcastically “Oh, am I supposed to pee standing up?”
In another dream, I was on a cruise boat that started sinking right after it left the harbor. I jumped off the deck, and felt the most wonderful feeling in the world when I sunk right to the bottom, and a mermaid collected my soul and brought it to Heaven.
It reminded me of the song lyric “The dreams in which I’m dying are the best I ever had”.
Then I had the usual dreams about being in a relationship with Roger Delgado, and a dream about sending Easter cards and using Korean 12 step beauty regime.
I woke up early to the noises of the janitor waxing the floor in the corridor, and I received an Etsy order in the mail as early as nine o’clock in the morning.
Later the day, after I had got up and done the morning routines, I decided to head to the Pearl House in Pole City, I didn’t have anything special to do so perhaps I could go there to spend time.
Once there I drank some coffee and ate Bazooka bubble gum- flavored chewy candy bars.
Later the day I walked to the Twinkle café, my mom arrived later. I was in a bit of a sour mood, but felt better after talking with Mella.
After the group, I didn’t bother going to the Late Winds youth group. Instead, I walked to Pole City station with my mom, and travelled to downtown Helsinki.
I went to Espresso House and bought a cold- smoked salmon bagel, a slice of lemon meringue cake, and a glass of organic freshly squeezed orange juice.
I went to Monki and bought a turquoise corduroy shirt with medium sleeves.
I visited a few other shops, and then I travelled back to Hometown. I went to the local stationery shop and bought some cards and postage stamps, and then I went to the supermarket and bought some groceries.

On Wednesday, my HoivaOnni worker came for an appointment at quarter to one o’clock in the afternoon, too early in my standards. I just talked to her, but didn’t bother with washing the dishes or ironing the laundry.
Later the evening I went to a knitting group in Pole City library, and visited a few shops.

On Thursday I had an appointment with a nurse at the health center, we talked about stuff like exercise and nutrition.
I was bored for most of the day. I wanted to go to the youth group in Quarry City church, but it wasn’t until in the evening and I didn’t feel like waiting.
I decided to set my smartphone alarm to wake me up before the group starts, but when it rang I was so sleepy that I passed on it.

This morning I woke up with a start when my phone rang, it was from the dentist who called for the annual appointment. We agreed to have a routine check- up and a cleaning operation on Valentine’s day.

I didn’t get any sleep, so I took my morning meds and went back to bed.
I woke up with another start when my mom called me, she told me that she was at home and I could visit her to collect the allowance.
I got up and got dressed, and noticed that I was on my period. I put my MoonCup inside myself, and then I was off.
I decided to walk to my parents’ home, because the bus timetables were screwed up once again.

Once at my parents’ home, mom gave me 80 euros, we had coffee and treats together.

Later the day I was supposed to walk back home, but forgot, and took a bus instead.
Once at Hometown, I went to the supermarket and bought milk, butter, and gifts for the F4nt4stic 4. I couldn’t afford buying them gifts last Xmas, and I could barely afford buying them now, but I bought something for everyone.

Once back home, I washed a load of laundry, dealt my pills into both of my Dosetts, made a couple of phone calls, surfed on the Internet, took an old magazine downstairs to the storage room, along with my bicycle. I live in an apartment house, and the council is going to throw away the bicycles that are not marked so I brought mine inside.

Later the day Mirette came to visit me, we went grocery shopping.

Tomorrow I will host a small get- together for my three closest friends, Suavecita, Eleclya, and Mirette. I will give each of them a gift and we are going to have coffee together.
In the evening I will go to the gym and work out by the usual routine; stretches, exercise, work- out machines, and then I will walk on the treadmill for an hour at maximum.

On Sunday, I will go visit my parents. If the weather is fine, I will walk there and back, and call my granny while visiting.
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