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My plans for Monday, January 29th - Sunday, February 4th (Thanks to my friend Mirette for editing!)

Monday, January 29th:
Considering how I feel today, I will either sleep off my sleep debt, or I will do the rest of the weekly housework.
I need to take the carton, paper, metal, and glass waste to recycling, tidy up the bathroom, hoover and mop the floor, and hoover my bed and mattress and put clean sheets into it.
Then I will go out for errands; I have to visit the library to print out a few papers and return some books. I also have to visit the pharmacy to do some paperwork and recycle a tube of cortisone lotion.
I will go to the gym and ask them if my membership is still valid.

Tuesday, January 30th:
I will receive my weekly allowance. I will pay a bill and buy groceries, including a new toilet brush, toothbrush, and gloves for washing the dishes and another pair for doing general housework. I will also buy all my February friends birthday & name day cards, and about half of the remaining Valentine's day cards.
I will go to Twinkle café, and then I will go to a Girls' House. Me and my friend Mirette will go to a movie theater to see The Greatest Showman. I shall think of my friend Zoya during the movie.

Wednesday, January 31st:
My HoivaOnni worker will visit me in the afternoon; I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry.
There will be free admission to a museum in Grass Cove, I will go there with Mirette.

Thursday, February 1st:
I will start using the new hygiene products; rubber gloves, toothbrush, and toilet brush.
Me and Mirette will go see a Finnish movie.

Friday, February 2nd:
I will start doing the weekly housework.
I will go to my parents’ home, and collect the weekly allowance. If the weather is fine, I will walk there and back. I will go grocery shopping.
In the evening, me and some of my friends will go to this scientific entertainment center, there’s a free admission.

Saturday, February 3rd:
If my gym membership is still valid, I will go to the gym and work out. I will probably visit HAM, and do housework.

Sunday, February 4th:
I will go visit my parents. If the weather is alright, I will walk there and back. I will call my granny once I am there.
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