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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼


I haven't updated for a few days, it feels like weeks.
I have been a bit unhappy.
I am increasingly worried about my diet, I believe that everything I put in my mouth deteriorates my mental and physical health. Not to mention that I have been living on nothing but sugary and savory treats for a while now, I can't remember the last time when I ate a healthy meal.
I also haven't been to the gym for about two months now.
I wish I could afford to buy healthy food, and that I could have enough motivation to get up early in the mornings; because I don't have any work or school now, I get up whenever I want. I actually consider that a blessing, but I wish I could get up earlier naturally, about at 6 - 8 o'clock in the morning. I could always set my alarm clock to ring, but it gives me no problem to turn it off and go back to sleep. And besides, I don't want to miss my dreams.
Tags: health issues, mental health, physical health
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