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The situation right nao

🌻 I have had a pretty decent week, hanging out with friends, going to groups, housecleaning, and working on greeting cards.

🌻 I managed to purchase myself a month's worth of my most important prescribed anti- psychotic medicine; it cost about 32 euros instead of the usual 335 euros, and renewing the special permission cost 40 euros, but considering that I had received extra money on Friday, I could afford it. Now I feel secure :)

🌻 Me and Mirette went to Cable Factory on the last day of January. It's an old factory converted into a culture center; there is art school, dancing school, a circus, a stationery shop, a café, and an art museum, and such. The art show was amazing, I had dreams of it during the next time I went to sleep.

🌻 On Friday me and Mirette and our best friends Suavecita, Eleclya, and Odessa went to this scientific entertainment center on the east side of my hometown. It's a popular family holiday resort, and today there was a free admission during the whole night.
The workers were dressed as Star Wars characters. We ate blue potato mash, took lots of photos, and had a good time.

🌻 I started a new diary this week, it's one of them hardcover Geepap diaries. I should continue the tradition of taking photos of my new diaries, and putting them into my online journal.

🌻 I have started taking better care of my personal hygiene, nowadays I can manage to clean my teeth at least once a day. Here's to hoping that the next step will be nutrition.

🌻 I might go visit my granny in March, because this month will be rather busy; Valentine's day, annual check- up at the dentist, plenty of movies to see. I was planning to go on the first full week of March, but that's when I will go see Hamlet, the one with Bennyflirp Bandersnatch :B

🌻 I have decided to carry out this month- long exercise plan for toned arms and hourglass figure.
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