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My plans for Monday, February 5th - Sunday, February 11th

Monday, February 5th:
My HoivaOnni worker will come for the weekly appointment at quarter to three o'clock in the afternoon (2:45 pm). I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry during the visit.
After the appointment, I will start doing the sculpting exercise for a hourglass figure and toned arms that I found on Pinterest.

Tuesday, February 6th:
I will go to Twinkle café, after that I will go to the Late Winds youth group.

Wednesday, February 7th:
I will go to the health center to talk about my myriad of health problems; the eczema on both of my hands, my itchy nipples and achy breasts, my cough and constricted throat and wheezy breath.
After that I will go to a museum.

Thursday, February 8th:
I will go to Sederholm Museum, the Museum of Natural Science, and then I will go to the youth group at the church in Quarry City.

Friday, February 9th:
I will start doing the weekly housecleaning; scrub the bathroom, hoover the floor, take out the recycling, and also replace the towels and bed sheets.
I will go visit my mother. If the weather is alright, I will walk there and back.
Mom will give me the weekly allowance; I will buy the rest of the Valentine's day cards, and a sufficient amount of first- class postage stamps.
I will go visit the National Museum.
In the evening, me and my friends will go visit Rige. After that, Suavecita and Eleclya will come for a sleepover.

Saturday, February 10th:
I will continue doing the housework, and I will also go visit a museum.

Sunday, February 11th:
I will go visit my parents. If the weather is fine, I will walk there and back.
I will call my granny. 
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