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Dancer in the Dark

Last night I had a dream about the movie Dancer in the Dark. The movie resonates deeply within myself because it's a very emotional movie, and because it stars my favourite singer, the Icelandic alternative pop singer Bjork.

I woke up to a coughing fit, also my breath was wheezing.
I saw the beautiful sunshine outside, I knew today would be a chilly day.

I was thinking of calling my mother right away and asking her if I can come over, but I stalled by taking my morning medicine, putting deodorant into my armpits and dabbing basic lotion on my face. I put on a pink Dirndl dress and a dark green velour hoodie over it.

Then I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said it's alright. I left straight away.

I decided to travel to my parents' home instead of walking; it was slippery outside, and also cold enough to freeze the boogers right in my nostrils, and the sunlight burned my eyes. I also knew that if I walked to my parents' home, I would lose all my energy and feel angry.

Once at my parents' home, I helped mom cook lunch and peeled the spuds and a carrot. Mom made me an omelet, tofu nuggets, and potato mash.

While visiting my parents, I took a shower and brushed my teeth. I felt so much better after that.

Later the day I left and travelled to Helsinki. I wanted to visit an art museum, but it was closed so instead I went to a department store to look at skin and hair care products. I planned to purchase a hair conditioner that makes your hair naturally blonde, and this charcoal paste for whitening my teeth.

I went to a stationery shop to look at all the amazing stuff they had for sale. I found plenty of things I could buy to my friends, and plenty of paper journals for myself.

I decided to travel home by taking a subway and two buses. I managed to lose my gloves, so I decided to buy at least three pairs next week so that if I lose one, I have another.

On my way home, I called Suavecita and had a nice talk with her.

Once back home, I wanted to make a nice cup of tea for me and Mirette, but all the teaspoons and mugs were dirty, so I washed about half of my dishes.
After that, me and Mirette went to the shopping mall to recycle empty bottles and cans, and then we went grocery shopping.

Tomorrow my HoivaOnni worker will come for the weekly appointment at quarter to two o'clock in the afternoon. I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry during the appointment.
After the appointment I will go to the gym; I will do stretches for my neck and shoulders, arms and legs and midriff, and then I will do sculpting exercises for my body. After that I will walk on the treadmill for an hour of brisk walk.
Once back home, I will do housework.
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