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I was supposed to update earlier this week, but anyway; my friends Mirette, Suavecita, and Eleclya had a sleepover at my home. Me and Eleclya talked a lot all the way to the small hours, and everyone else except Mirette farted a lot.

I woke up early as usual when the Fantastic Four has a sleepover at my home. I managed to clean my teeth, slather myself in cortisone lotion, and put on clean clothes. I didn’t have breakfast.

As soon as the shops were opened, I went to the supermarket to buy a bag of sugar, and then I went to the pharmacy to buy another tube of cortisone lotion because I had run out of it.

Once back home, Mirette was already using the laptop, Suavecita was taking a shower, and Eleclya had turned into a vampire and kept on grumbling angrily that the sunlight hurt her eyes.

Later the day I managed to wash two week’s worth of dirty dishes while Eleclya and Suavecita were packing their stuff; they were heading to the Kustom Kulture show, Mirette would join them later.
I noticed it wasn’t even noon yet, and I felt like the day was already done. I decided to go for a brisk walk, and I didn’t feel like heading home yet so I travelled to Helsinki and went to two art museums. I had a good time.

Later the day I travelled back home, and went to the shopping mall to look at the stuff they had in discount. Mirette had gone to visit Rige to watch the Olympics.
Once back home, I put fresh sheets into my bed, wiped the worst stains off the kitchen counter, and did a little bit of this and that.

Later the day Mirette came home, and then she left. We discussed our plans for the next week; Red Cross youth group, visiting an art museum, and stuff like that. We are also going to a Pussy Riot concert in March, and go see plenty of movies.

Tomorrow I have to take a shower and wash my hair before I visit my parents, if the weather is fine I will walk there and back. I will call my granny during the visit.
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