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My week so far :3

I haven’t updated for many days now, even if I have intended to update. I have been more infatuated towards my Finnish blog, but I think I should pay equal attention towards both blogs.

Anyhoo, on Tuesday I went to see my mother, she gave me the weekly allowance. I went to visit Twinkle café; in the great Finnish tradition of Shrovetide, there were cream & jam buns and pea soup. I gave Mella a Valentine’s day card.
I went to Late Winds youth group for the first time this year, we baked Shrovetide buns. I sampled the bun dough, it tasted better than oven- fresh buns but I burped a lot after that.
I went to the nearest shopping mall and bought myself a new t- shirt.

On Wednesday I had an appointment at the dentist for an annual check- up. She told me my teeth were healthy, but one of the fillings was about to break; I was given another appointment in June so it could be fixed. I know June is far away, but there aren’t any free appointment sooner because the healthcare system is a bit muddled.

I met Eleclya at the train station, later Suavecita joined us. She gave me a Valentine’s day card and some chocolates, she also gave me some baking supplies so Mirette could bake a Valentine’s day pizza. I took them to my home, and then we travelled to Helsinki.
There was some sort of commercial happening with free Lipton tea, I don’t care much about Do the Detox or Sleep Well or Digest Helper or other healthy teas, but they smelled yummy. I might buy them later.

We travelled to Girls’ House, Mirette was already there. I got two Valentine’s day cards, cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream, and Suavecita gave me a pair of rainbow- shaped sunglasses.

I started feeling tired and grumpy, but still managed to see Mercedes Bentso, a Finnish feminist rapper. The other girls took plenty of photos.

Later the day we went to Mirette’s home to pick up her sleepover stuff, then we went to a supermarket that’s open 24/7. I bought orange juice as a refreshing treat, two cans of microwaveable soup, and two cartons of milk.

Once at my home, we had a sleepover.

Last night I had a dream where I rode my bicycle all the way to Tax City, once there I wondered why I had done so, what was the point because now I had to ride my bicycle back home again? In another dream, Pennywise the Dancing Clown was beckoning me to join him in Hell with other clowns. I don’t understand why the dream was so scary, I like Pennywise so much. I also wonder why I have nightmares of bears, they’re not that scary.

I got up, took my morning medicine, and had a proper wash. I have managed to have a wash at least once every day.
We went to Helsinki to watch the Chinese New Year celebrations. At first I felt a bit indifferent towards them because I was feeling a bit lethargic, but later the day I joined them and had a good time; except that it was so cold that my feet went numb.

Me and Mirette went to McDonald’s to raise our blood sugar; I got French fries, a few of Mirette’s cheesy bites, and a bottle of orange juice.
Later we went to the cape to watch the fireworks, we had such an awesome time!

Once back home, we had another sleepover.
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