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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

Holy mama, it has been five days since my last update and it positively feels like weeks!

I have been pretty busy this week, that's why I haven't updated so much. Here's a quick look:

🧜 On Wednesday, me and my friend Mirette went to Reaktori, it's a winter break happening for teenagers and young adults; there were workshops and cafes and stuff. We had a good time.

💎 On Thursday, we were supposed to go to the youth group at the church, but we realized that it was cancelled because of winter break, boo yah. Instead, we bought Kinder eggs from discount, six eggs for 4,80 €. We had a good time, nevertheless.

🎆 On Friday, we went to a modern art museum, and had a good time.

🍏 On Saturday, there was a discount at our favorite thrift store, all clothes cost five euros at maximum. I used the bulk discount, five articles of clothing for 20 euros (will take photos of them after I come back from granny's). After that, we went to movies to see The Greatest Showman. We still had good time.

🌍 Today our friends Eleclya and Suavecita came for a visit. We had a good time together, I gave them some of the stuff I don't need anymore, like clothes and notebooks. Suavecita gave me a Valentine's day card from her cousin.

Tomorrow I will travel to my granny's home for the winter visit. I have already set my alarm clock to ring at half past ten o'clock in the morning, because I have plenty of stuff to do.
Before leaving, I have to wash the dishes, hoover and mop the floor every square inch of the floor, scrub the bathroom, take out the household trash and also the recycling, fetch the laundry from the drying room and iron it. I want my apartment to be completely tidy and clean when I come back. And also, I have to clean my teeth, take a shower, and put on clean clothes.

I will meet my mom tomorrow, she will give me the weekly allowance. I need to buy a new magic ink pen, new headphones, and also some sustenance for the journey.
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