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Updating from granny's home :3

Last night I had a dream where I was in a forest near my parents’ home, I met this elderly woman and we went for a walk. I found out there was a jewelry shop with little tinkling jewelry boxes designed by Matt Smith, the British actor who was the 11th Doctor. It was a pleasant dream.

I was awake early before my alarm clock rang. I received a text message from my mother, she said we are supposed to meet today at the shopping mall at half past eleven o’clock. I got up, took my morning medicine, took a shower, cleaned my teeth, and dressed up. I also fetched the laundry from the drying room downstairs.

I went to see my mother, she gave me 60 euros. I bought a pair of headphones, one purple and one black magic ink pen, and a jug of milk.

Once back home, I managed to wash the dishes but that’s all the housework I managed to do. I was still supposed to hoover and mop every square inch of the floor, scrub the bathroom, iron the laundry, and take out the trash. I decided to do those deeds after I come home from granny’s.

Me and Mirette left at the same time, we went to the shopping mall where I bought a cold- smoked salmon bagel and a bottle of orange juice.

We travelled to Helsinki and went to the bus station. Mirette waited with me for the bus, we talked about things and stuff and when she left, we hugged and kissed each other and told each other to take care.
I boarded the bus and travelled to my granny’s home. On the way there I watched Emo: The Musical on Netflix, and listened to music on Spotify. By the end of the trip, I mostly stared at the gorgeous landscapes out of the window.
Once at Kangaskhan, the sun was setting. I hauled my suitcase to the suburbs where my granny lives.

Once at her home, she was happy to see me and had already set up dinner. I ate rice porridge with blueberry soup and some homemade pierogies. I drank a cup of coffee and watched TV with granny.

In the evening, I took my evening medicine, cleaned my teeth, washed my face, dabbed lotion on my skin, and put on my nightie. I went to sleep on granny’s bed while she made her bed on the sofa- bed, like she does when I visit her.

Before I fell asleep, I had this weird feeling that I heard different kind of musical tunes in my head, and right after I opened my eyes, the music stopped and then it started again. It didn’t feel the slightest bit psychotic or anything like that, it felt wonderful.
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