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Walk in the forest

I had dreams, but I don’t remember what they were about.

I woke up early, about at quarter past seven o’clock. I got up and took my morning medicine and went to the kitchen to make coffee, but we were out of milk. I cannot drink my coffee without milk and sugar, so I went back to bed.

As usual when I go back to bed in the morning right after taking my morning medicine, I slept like a log until granny got home from grocery shopping. I got up again and got dressed. For lunch I had macaroni with tuna, and fried beetroot slices. Granny gave me a slice of ice cream cake with the afternoon coffee.

I received money today, so I purchased two tickets to the Pussy Riot concert.

I got my period today, fortunately I had brought my Lunette keeper along.

Me and granny went for a walk, it was sunny and just enough chilly. We walked through a forest and then turned back, I kept on quarreling with the delusions in my mind.

Once back home, I felt happier. The delusions stopped bothering me just like that, and I actually felt good and energized. It’s amazing what exercise and sunshine does to you! I should go for more walks. It reminded me of when I went to the gym and exercises for an hour, I didn’t have delusions for the rest of the day.

Before dinner, I went to the supermarket and bought some chocolate; two white Reese’s cups, a four- packet of Marabou crème eggs, and a bottle of Frezza Mocca just to taste the new flavor. It tasted so bad that I didn’t become addicted to it again.

Then I went to the library; I wanted to use the computer so I could print the tickets to the Pussy Riot concert, and also to the Event Cinema show I was going to on Monday, but it cost money.

Instead, I just read a book, and ate the chocolate.

I went back to granny’s home, and helped her with housework.
For dinner we had the same food as for lunch. As for the rest of the day, I wrote into my diary, surfed on the Internet, watched Netflix, and knitted.
Tomorrow I will go for a longer walk, around the neighborhood, to the lake shore, to granny’s old home, and I will also visit the art museum, and have plenty of fun because it’s the last full day of the winter visit. In the afternoon I will go to sauna with granny, I need to wash my hair so I will look nice before going back home.
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