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Cherry tomatoes and salted caramel

Last night I watched the movie Amelie on Netflix, and also a bit of Good Place.
I had weird dreams. In one of them, I walked through a school field, eating salted caramel- flavored chocolate confections and cherry tomatoes. I practically tasted them in my mouth.
I got up, took my morning medicine, put on deodorant, and got dressed. For breakfast I had coffee and two Karelian pies.
After lunch, I went for a walk because I thought it would decrease my everyday delusions. It didn’t, but I won’t stop trying.
I popped to the supermarket and bought some peppermint drops for granny, they are supposed to relieve her cough.
I continued knitting the third quilt square I have started knitting at granny’s home.
After dinner, we went to the sauna. I gave myself a good scrubbing, but didn’t stay long in the sauna because the temperature went down and granny told me not to throw any more water on the stones.
I put on deodorant and basic lotion, and then we went back to granny’s home. Granny made pancakes, I also drank coffee and ate some blueberries and lingonberries.
My granny is a wise and extremely patient person, but I didn’t like it when she complained that I should keep my fork in a certain position when eating my meals, because otherwise it would offend my friends. No durr.
In the evening, I started feeling better, calmer and happier.
Tomorrow I will start packing my stuff, probably go for a walk, and give granny lots of kisses and hugs before leaving for the omnibus back to Helsinki.
Once back home, I am going to wash at least one load of laundry so I will have clean underwear for the next week.
Tags: dreams, food, granny, knitting, netflix, real life, sauna
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