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Back home! :3

I came back from my granny’s home. Granny gave me a jar of homemade raspberry jam, a few homemade Karelian pies, and her old Bible.
The sun was still shining when the omnibus arrived.
I spent most of the journey just staring out of the window, thinking thinky little thoughts and dreaming my dreamy little dreams.
Once in Helsinki, I bought a can of orange juice and travelled back home.
Once there, I tidied up, washed a load of laundry, and went to the supermarket to buy milk and sugar and a chocolate egg, I seem to have become addicted to chocolate again.

My bed felt a bit uncomfortable, I guess I had become used to sleeping on granny’s bed.
I had an absolutely ghastly dream; Jim Moriarty, the character from BBC Sherlock, had locked all the people in the world into small cages and put them into a storage building.
I went to see my financial worker. We talked about things and stuff, and made some agreements; she gave me this signed form I can use to get a new passport.
I went to a library to print out my movie & concert tickets, and then I went to Girls’ House for a cup of cocoa. At some point, it started snowing.
After I left, I went to a movie theater to see the Event Cinema movie Hamlet, the one with my sugar bunny husbando Benedict Cumberbatch. The play was nicely modernized, just enough funny and comical, the actors were great, and I was glad that the movie had English subtitles because I couldn’t understand Shakespearean English.
After the movie, I took a bus home. Once there, I dealt my pills into my Dosett, and managed to have a proper wash.

I had, once again, a dream about the summer cottage. In the dream I was thinking of taking photos of the cottage, so I could remember it.
Then I had some highly sexual dreams, I woke up feeling horny and thinking if I should get up and masturbate, but my bed felt so nice that I decided not to.
I felt a bit awkward after I got up. I took my meds, drank coffee, and took a shower and brushed my teeth. I put on fresh clothes and some jewelry.
I went to Twinkle café, and got free hand & arm massage.
In the evening, me and Mirette went to Pussy Riot concert. The performers were late and the show was delayed, but it started anyway.
After the concert, we went to Mirette’s home. I ate cherry tomatoes while recharging my smartphone.
We travelled to my home, once there I ate mozzarella cheese and took a warm shower.

I went to see my current social worker with my HoivaOnni worker. We had a nice talk about my finances and my troublesome youth, and we agreed to continue HoivaOnni services. We also agreed that I am going to get a coupon for recharging my travel card.
In the evening I went to a knitting & novel reading group in East City library. I met Odessa on my train back home.
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