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The Black Panther

Me and Mirette slept on her father’s bed. We slept well, I had some entertaining dreams.
In the morning I got up, took my morning medicine, drank a bit of cocoa, got dressed in yesterday’s clothes, and then I packed my stuff and left.
It has been a long time since I was in Hedgehog City when it’s bright outside, especially during the season when the days are shorter.
I travelled to downtown Helsinki, and then to Hometown. I went to a camera shop to have my passport photos taken (my passport expires in ten days); the shop assistant was very nice, she had the same name as me! I looked a bit tired and crusty in my photo, but I didn’t mind.
I went to a stationery shop and bought a red magic ink pen, then I went to the supermarket and bought a box of coffee grounds and a jug of milk.
I went back home, did plenty of housework and washed a load of laundry, made coffee, and cooked some Brussels sprouts for dinner.
The area between my nose and throat feels a bit irritated, I guess it is because I inhaled the bathroom cleaner spray. I threw the whole spray bottle to the bin, I will use the universal cleaning spray until I buy some ecological ones.
Later the day Mirette came to visit me. I made some French fries for both of us, and ordered two mobile tickets for the movie Black Panther. The theater was a bit crowded, but fortunately we got to sit next to each other.
We travelled to Helsinki, there was typical Friday evening downtown; drunkars, junkies, the police, security guards, and some Jesus freaks passing tracts.
The movie was awesome, with strong female figures and funny memes. The next movie me and Mirette are going to see will be Supermarsu (“super guinea pig”, it’s about a young girl who gets bitten by her pet guinea pig and transforms into a guinea pig / human hybrid superhero. It’s based on a Finnish children’s book series). We will also go see Coco, and Avengers: Infinity War, and I will go see The Florida Project next week.
Before the movie, I had a huge need to poop, and after the movie, I had a huge need to pee. We travelled a longer way to Hometown because the other train would leave a long time later. I had to recharge my laptop on the train.

Tomorrow I will start doing the weekly housework; from now on, Friday is dedicated to pleasure, and Saturdays are not usually busy, so from now on, I will do the weekly housework on Saturdays. That’s also when I replace my towels and bed sheets.
I will also go to the gym, and walk on the treadmill for an hour.

On Sunday, I will go to the gym again and walk on the treadmill for another hour.
My parents will be home from their vacation in the Canary Islands, I won’t go visit them yet so I will probably go to an art museum or something.
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