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Allergy pills

Last night I had a dream where I celebrated Christmas with my family, and I was a bit morose because I didn't have enough time to prepare for it. Very often I have those hyper- realistic dreams where it's suddenly Christmas, and I'm sad because I didn't buy Christmas gifts for my family.

This morning I took a shower and washed my hair, and then I dabbed three different kind of prescribed lotions on my troublesome skin. Here's to hoping it will help the horrid itching; ever since I started the two- week period of not using the prescribed cortisone lotion, my skin (especially on my calves) has started itching violently. My armpits also itch a lot.

I ate a decent breakfast, oatmeal porridge with seeds and also a kiwifruit and a blood orange.

After I left, I went to the supermarket and bought a mint chocolate truffle bar. It tasted good, but the taste left my mouth pretty soon. I wish I could get over my sweet cravings, next time I might buy a piece of fruit.

I traveled to Stick City, it took me a while but I found the service point where I renewed my passport. The lady who serviced me was very sweet, I'm glad there are people like her.
The pages of my old passport are pretty wrinkly, I have decided to buy some sort of a cover for my new passport so it doesn't turn out like that.

After that, I took a bus to Stone City, just to check out the landscapes. It was a bright sunny day, and the landscapes were breathtakingly beautiful. The journey was pretty long and twisted this way and that, but I enjoyed the ride.
Once in Stone City, I took a train back to Hometown and went to the supermarket to buy milk.

I went back home, did a little bit of this and that, and then I went to Quarry City church for the youth group.
I ate half a bag of salted crisps, a handful of licorice, a pot of melon- cucumber yogurt, and two organic chocolate- covered oatmeal cookies. I talked with the others, watched The Good Place on my Netflix app, and wrote into my diary.

Later the evening I traveled back to Hometown and went to the shopping mall for a little window shopping. I also went to the pharmacy to pick up the allergy pills I was prescribed; they are supposed to make my skin less itchy, and help me sleep better.

Once back home, I wrote into my diary and surfed on the Internet.

I still can't brush my teeth so I won't contaminate my toothbrush with flu bugs, so I just sloshed some mouthwash in my mouth. I also used the cortisone lotion again.

I took my evening medicine, and now I am waiting for the exhaustion of the allergy pills to kick in. Here's to hoping I won't reduce back to the late 2000's when I slept about 18 hours a day because I still wasn't used to anti- psychotic medicine.

Tomorrow I will receive money. I will order my favorite return address stickers from Etsy.com.
I will have an appointment at the psychiatric center at one o'clock in the afternoon; I don't remember if it was the doctor's or nurse's appointment, but anyway, I will be there.
After that, I will meet Mirette, we will go to a Hennes & Mauritz store where I will buy a new dress and a blouse. After that we are going to buy tickets to a movie we are going to see on Saturday.
At some point, I am going to visit a specific cafe where I can get miso- tuna salad, it sounds scrumptious.
In the evening, I will go to Lapland Spring to this happening where you can just hang out in other people's company.
After that, I will go grocery shopping, and then we will go over to my place for a sleepover weekend.

On Saturday, me and Mirette will go to see the movie I wrote about, Supermarsu ("super guinea pig" which is a children's movie about a young girl who gets bitten by her pet guinea pig and transforms into an anthropomorphic guinea pig with super hero powers). As for the rest of the day, I will do housework.

On Sunday, I will go visit my parents. I will take a bus there and back because I have to avoid losing energy due to my flu, so I can't walk there.
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