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Placebo effect won't help you sleep

Last night I took the first dose of Dormix, the allergy pill I was prescribed. It's supposed to help my itchy skin, and also help me sleep better.
I didn't feel too sleepy, or if I did, it was more of a placebo effect, and I felt a strange tingly pain in my jaws under my ears, and my head hurt a bit. Also, I woke up with a start about at twenty minutes to two o'clock in the morning (1:40 am). I guess it takes a while before it starts affecting.

I had one of my most re- occurring dream; I was visiting my granny, and I was desperately trying to scrounge enough cash for a bus ticket back home, and check out the timetables to find a bus.
I also had a nightmare where I was bullied by my grade school mates, and I woke up and decided to get up right away because I didn't want to have more bad dreams.

I took my morning meds, sloshed some mouthwash in my mouth, washed my face (my hair has grown so long that I need to wear it on ponytail when I splash water on my face), and dabbed cortisone lotion and basic lotion on my skin, got dressed, and had some coffee.

I had received money so I ordered a stack of custom return address stickers from Etsy.com. I also wanted to order a necklace from one of the HungerSite.com sponsor shops, but didn't find it anymore. Oh well.

I went to see my doctor at the psychiatric center, I had an appointment today. We had a talk about my mental and physical health, exercise and nutrition, and he prescribed me some tranquilizers. He was very kind and understanding towards me.

I stopped by the ATM machine to withdraw cash, then I traveled to Helsinki.

I went to Cafe Picnic, and ordered a miso noodle- tuna salad and a ginger shot, it tasted good.

I went to Kiasma, and bought two greeting cards; one for a friend who recently moved into a new home, and one for a friend who has her tenth wedding anniversary.

Later the day Mirette arrived, we went to a movie theater and bought tickets to a movie we are going to see tomorrow.

We went to the local supermarket to buy groceries. I bought rye bread, butter, avocados, and as a special treat, watermelon juice and chocolate raisins.
We traveled to my home, had a little refreshment, and then we traveled back to Helsinki and then went to Lapland Spring; it took us a while to find the Blue Room, there was a happening where you could make your own taco, drink coffee and tea, and talk with others.

Later the evening we went downstairs to this open mic happening, where Mirette sang two songs. After that, we had to leave because it was getting late.

We traveled to Hometown, and I visited the pharmacy to pick up my tranquilizers and mail two greeting cards.

Once back home, Mirette went to see Rige and while she was away, I hoovered the sofa- bed and the mattress and made it as nice as I could.

I took my evening medicine, including the allergy pill, and I got the same tingly pain in my jaws but didn't feel too sleepy. I went to sleep about after midnight.

Tomorrow me and Mirette will go to movies, after that I will do the weekly housework and go to the gym.

On Sunday I will walk to my parents' home and back, now that I have been finally cured of this flu. I will continue doing housework.
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