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Yours truly

I had even more intense dreams last night. In one of them, I was in a loving, consensual BDSM relationship with Roger Delgado, it was the only good dream. In another dream, I was in a summer camp and wanted to go back home, it was a bad dream.
I got up about at noon, took my morning meds and antibiotics, took a shower, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and put on a necklace and a bracelet on both of my wrists.
My jaw felt stiff, so I did facial muscle exercises.

Later the day me and Mirette went out for errands, before we went to see Elysion. We went to the shopping mall and visited the supermarket, Mirette bought groceries and I recycled a burned- out lightbulb.
Then we went to the pharmacy, where I picked up my anti- allergy pills and a tube of cortisone lotion. I’m very glad my financial worker pays for my prescribed medicine, because it costs me nothing.

We traveled to Helsinki, and went to the long- distance bus station, and ran straight into Elysion! We had agreed to meet today so she can take part in the Easter party at my home tomorrow.

Elysion did some errands, and then we traveled back to Hometown. Elysion gave me some salmiakki drops, we talked and laughed and had a good time.

Once in Hometown, we went to a Mexican restaurant. Our friends Pinky, Tintin, Laufey, and another person joined us. I ate mozzarella sticks with guacamole.

I excused myself and went home. I washed two loads of laundry, hoovered and mopped the floor under the furniture, watched The Good Place on Netflix, and did a little bit of this and that.

In the evening I took my meds and had a little supper. Later Elysion and Mirette came for a sleepover from Pinky’s home.
We talked about feminism, and looked through the old stuff that Mirette had brought.

Tomorrow I will host an Easter party at my home. Mirette and Elysion will take part, and so will Suavecita and her cousin Lila, and our mutual friend Eleclya.
There will also be this free thrift store where people bring their old useless belongings and others take whatever they want, I will take the rest to a charity shop container.
I won’t go visit my parents, because I don’t have enough time.
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