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Updating from my parents' home :3

Last night I had a dream where me and my friend Mirette were in Hogwarts, we were both sorted into Hufflepuff.
In another dream, me and my mother and my brother lived in a camping van in outer space, and I saw plenty of shooting stars and spinning galaxies.
In yet another dream, I went to the library in my parents’ hometown. It took me two hours to walk there, and I got a pair of free summer sandals.

I woke up at two o’clock in the morning, and wondered if I should already get up. Instead, I slept all the way to nine o’clock in the morning, which is still pretty early in my standards.
I got up, took my morning meds and antibiotics, had a proper wash, put on fresh clothes, made my bed, and drank some coffee and ate some chocolate I had bought yesterday. I didn’t bother with having a decent breakfast. I drank so much coffee and water that I practically felt my insides turn into water.
I did my daily facial muscle exercises, and packed stuff for my sleepover at my parents' home; a pair of clean spare underwear, my laptop, and my keeper, considering that my period should start soon. I forgot my gym shoes and my nightie.

In the afternoon I traveled to my parents’ home, I am going to have a sleepover at their place in the grand Easter tradition.
Mom and dad were both home. Right after I had arrived, we had coffee and then we left together; dad drove us to the graveyard where my maternal grandparents are buried.
We were in high spirits, talked and laughed a lot, and recalled our memories.
Mom put a potted daffodil on her parents’ shared grave. Dad drove us around Helsinki, and we had a good time.

Once back at my parents’ home, my mom was in a bad mood. I wasn’t, and I wanted to talk with her about stuff like childhood memories. Every time I made a noise, my mom lashed out at me. Now I realize why I was so rebellious when I was a teenager.
Later the day I started feeling woozy out of the lack of fresh air, so I took my smartphone and went outside for a walk. Actually I wanted to plan my calendar for April, but I managed to go for a brisk walk around the neighborhood without even looking at my smartphone.

Once back at my parents’ home, I was in a grumpy mood and my mom’s mood had improved a lot, she even offered to make me and omelet. Here’s to hoping she won’t blow her fuse when she notices that I have drank all the orange juice.

I spent the evening watching The Good Place on Netflix, and thinking of new ways to raise my Good Place points. I also watched the short Finnish movie named Rosa Was Here which is about a world where all the people over 13 years old have mysteriously disappeared.
In the evening, I put clean sheets into my old bed, took my evening meds, and went to sleep.

Tomorrow I will go back home. My mother promised to give me some cash, so I will buy nature- friendly laundry detergent and toilet cleaner, and greeting cards for my friends who have their name- days and birthdays in April.

I don’t know why, but I feel anxious. I don’t understand why, I had a nice day. I guess I should simply exercise more and eat healthier; I had only coffee, chocolate, and water for breakfast, and I barely exercised today, except I went outside for a walk in a fit of anger.
Right now, I feel like I am breathing in thick smoke, like a tight fist is squeezing my heart, like the worst thing ever that could happen is going to happen soon.
I hope I feel better tomorrow.
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