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Mii- Mii the ever- loving 🌼💗‿💗🌼

The situation right nao

I have decided to start wearing a posture belt or whatevsies it is called, it's basically this pink, stretchy harness that I wear around my shoulders to improve my posture.

Speaking of posture, I have decided that from tomorrow on, I have to practically force myself to go the gym; I would feel tremendously better if I exercised more. It helps me cope with my depression and anxiety, and I have also noticed that after a good workout, I don't have any delusions. It would also improve my appetite and sleep.
I have been thinking of going there every day, on Mondays and Thursdays I will do stretches and exercises; of course, I could be able to do them at my home as well, but at the gym I would be more motivated. On every other day, I will go there to walk on the treadmill.

Another thing I have to force myself to do is to brush my teeth and put the prescribed lotion on my skin at least once a day. And take care of my home too, wash the dishes and hoover the floor, and also iron the laundry whenever there is something to iron.
Tags: health issues, housework, mental health, physical health, plans
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