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Becoming the best version of myself

Last night I slept on the sofa- bed where my visitors usually sleep, because I couldn’t be bothered to hoover my bed and mattress and put fresh sheets into it.

I had dreams of the Doctor Who episode Angels take Manhattan.
I got up in the morning about a little past ten o’clock. I took my morning medicine, took a shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and made myself a bowl of oatmeal porridge for breakfast. I also hoovered the visible part of the floor.

My scalp itched and my neck and shoulder blades hurt. I blame the dry shampoo for the itch, and the lack of working out for the pain.

I called my mumsie and asked them if I can come over, they said it’s okay.
I took five bags full of second hand clothes, shoes, jewelry, books and stuff to a charity shop container, and then I walked to my parents’ home. Both mom and dad were home.
I felt very strong and refreshed, the way I feel after working out at the gym.
I drank some coffee and ate a few slices of a cardamom bun loaf. I also ate a tomato and a clementine.

Later the day I walked back home, and my mother walked with me for a while. I popped to the supermarket and bought two grapefruits, two avocadoes, a carton of milk, a box of porridge flakes, a box of coffee grounds, a zipper cloth bag where to put your underwear while washing them in the washing machine, and two black Frixion ink pens.

Once back home, I put everything to their rightful places, and washed a load of laundry. I took the laundry downstairs to the drying room, fetched the dry laundry, folded it and put it back to their rightful places.

I had to hoover the floor again, and then I hoovered my bed and mattress, and put fresh sheets into my bed.
I also managed to wash all the spoons, forks, and knives.

I went to the storage room downstairs to re- arrange my belongings.

I also called my granny, we talked about this and that and agreed that I am going to visit her on the last day of April.

I started feeling bored. I was thinking of going for an urbane adventure, but it was getting chilly outside, the sky became clouded, and besides, it was getting late. I decided to stay inside for the rest of the day, drink coffee, and watch The Good Place on Netflix. I never get tired of that show.

I had a good day, after all. I have had many good days in a row, I don’t feel like the Apocalypse is right around the corner, and I am becoming the best version of myself.

Tomorrow my HoivaOnni worker will come for the weekly appointment, I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry during the visit. After the appointment, I will take two articles of clothing to the dressmaker, mail a birthday card, and then I will go to Girls’ House to take some fancy scraps of paper there so the girls can use them for hobby crafts.
After that, I will go to the gym, and do stretches and exercises.
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