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Sometimes, taking a nap is the best solution

Just before I woke up, I had plenty of nice dreams. I had had a dream about bathing in blood with Freddy Krueger in an abandoned mental ward, and another dream where I traveled the galaxy with Lobo, and a dream where I went to a fun arcade in Manse and won a pink bunny plushie, and a bottle of strawberry- flavored milk.

I got up at midday, and took my morning medicine. I brushed my teeth right after taking said medicine, and had a proper wash. I got dressed, and put on a necklace.

I ate a decent breakfast, and then I had some coffee.

Later the day my HoivaOnni worker, whom I shall lovingly call Cholla, came for the weekly appointment. I washed the dishes, and ironed the laundry during the visit.
Mirette, who had been on a sleepover at my home, left during the visit.
After the visit, me and Cholla agreed to have the next visit on next week’s Monday, at twenty to three o’clock in the afternoon (2:40 pm).

After the worker left, I started feeling a bit lost; I didn’t know what to do and where to go, so I took a nap.

I slept for about three hours, and when I got up, I felt great. I didn’t have any delusions.

I went to the shopping mall to spend time, and plan what to buy tomorrow.

I went back home, warmed some tomato- lentil soup for dinner, and soon it was time to take my evening medicine, brush my teeth, and go to sleep.

I stayed awake all the way to midnight, reading some of my favorite yaoi fanfics, and what do you know, I didn’t feel the slightest bit anxious!

Tomorrow I will go to Twinkle café, my mom will be there as well. She will give me the weekly allowance, after that I will go shopping for everyday products.
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