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Corn exchange and raspberry ketones and other morbid oddities

My sleeping pattern has changed again now that the days are longer. I wake up about at three o'clock in the morning and feel so hale and hearty that I could run to Norway and back! And then I fall asleep in and wake up again at six, eight, and ten o'clock. I thinkit's awesome, I like being awake early but I don't like having to wake up early.

Last night I had a dream about my home town.
I got up after Mirette had got up as well, took my morning medicine, freshened up and put on clothes.

I took the sheets off my bed, replaced the towels, put my blankets and pillow and mattress to the balcony, and washed a couple of loads of laundry.

I made myself lunch, and some coffee.

Later in the afternoon, me and Mirette were invited to Riksu's BBQ party. We left immediately, I took out the trash.

We went to the local supermarket, I bought two corn husks and a can of pomegranate & raspberry juice. I wanted to buy watermelon juice, but it had been limited edition.

Once at Riksu's home, we sat on the swings beforeRiksu came home.

I would have had a good time if it wasn't for Riksu's gentleman friend who harassed us. I didn't know if he was drunk or mentally ill.

I left early, and went to the shopping mall and visited Hennes & Mauritz so I could distract myself.

Once back home, I washed more laundry, took a couple of tranquilizers, and later the day I went out for a walk.

I walked through the area with cottages, and then I walked through a forest, and went to the pharmacy to pick up my allergy pills, buy a small tube of Bevita, and order a box of my anti- psychotic medicine.

I also went to the supermarket and bought a box of butter, and a half a pound of gingerbread dough.

I met Laufey in the shopping mall, we said hello to each other.

I went back home and noticed that there were police officers and teenagers who were fighting.

Once back home, I washed more laundry and did a little bit of this and that before Mirette came home.

Tomorrow I will ride my bicycle to my parents' home and back, and call my granny during the visit.
Once back home, I will do housework; hoover and mop the floor, and take out the recycling.
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