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Lots of nice days in a row

As you can see, I stayed awake late into the midnight. I made plans for the next month, and wrote plenty of lists.
I also kept farting a lot, so I had to keep the window open the whole night, but it wasn’t that bad to wake up to birdsong and fresh spring morning air.

I had many dreams about the different kind of aspects of afterlife.
In one of them, it was fluctuating between foggy remains of an old town into a hellish nightmare, like in the movie based on the survival horror video game series Silent Hill.
In another dream, it was like the paradise in The Good Place, and in another dream, it was like the realm of suicide- committers in the book Kneller’s Happy Campers, on which the movie Wristcutters: A Love Story is based; a bleak suburban town full of pizzerias that served stale, greasy pizza.
In another dream, I was lying on the backseat of my dad’s car, my dad was driving, and my mother was sitting next to him. It reminded me of the rosy golden days of my childhood when my dad drove our family to meet our relatives, and how safe and loved I felt, as long as my troublesome big brother wasn’t there as well.

I got up about a little before two o’clock in the afternoon. I took my morning medicine, made a little coffee, and then I took a shower.
I washed my face, hair, and body, and also used the peeling gel on my face.
I have taken up the habit of “introducing” my skin into the different lotions and stuff that I am going to use in my 12- step Korean skincare regime, so my skin won’t get inflamed or anything like that.

I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said yes.
I packed my belongings, and rode my bicycle to my parents’ home.

Once there, my mom answered the door. Both mom and dad were home.
Mom made some coffee. I also drank orange juice, and ate a couple of slices of a bun loaf, some goat cheese, and two tomatoes.
Later the day I made a simple dinner for myself, ramen noodles and frozen peas, and mom boiled a few eggs.

I called my granny and talked with her for a while, we agreed that I will travel to her home on the eve of Mayday.

Later the day I left and rode my bicycle to my own home. Once there, I put the posture belt around my shoulders under my shirt, made some coffee, and surfed on the internet.

I fetched the laundry from downstairs and folded them, washed the dishes, and hoovered the visible part of the floor.

My plans are clear for tomorrow; I will go to the health center right after finishing my breakfast. I have this weird pain in my nose and throat, and my right shoulder is achy. I want to check if it isn’t an infection or an inflammation.
IF I am alright, I will go to the gym right after the appointment. I will do stretches and exercises.
My HoivaOnni worker will come for the weekly appointment at twenty minutes to three o’clock in the afternoon (2:40 pm), I will wash the dishes and iron the laundry during the visit.
I will go to Girls’ House, and after that I will go back home and do all the housework I didn’t do during the weekend; take out the recycling, and mop the visible part of the floor.
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