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Silent Hill is in my dreams

Once again, I stayed awake late into the night, but managed to go to sleep before it was midnight.

I had a dream where I played the video game Silent Hill: Homecoming, except that the main character was Murphy Pendleton from Silent Hill: Downpour, and the final boss was Incubus from the first Silent Hill game.

I woke up about at ten minutes past eight o’clock in the morning (8:10 am), but decided to sleep a bit later because I wanted to keep on dreaming, and my bed felt too nice to abandon it just yet. And besides, my nose and throat and my right shoulder already felt better, so I didn’t feel like I had to go to the health center.

I got up at midday, took my morning medicine, put on deodorant, washed my face, cleaned my teeth, got dressed, and made coffee.

I received mail today, for the first time in a month! (Now all my bills go to my financial worker, so I don’t have to worry about them, boo yah) There was a greeting card from my friend Lynne, and a notification about a package waiting to be picked up today after four o’clock in the afternoon (4:00 pm). I knew it was the Valentine’s day & Easter package from Zoya, my lovely awesome darling friend!

I warmed some frozen bean stew for lunch, and made some more coffee.

Later the day my HoivaOnni worker came for the weekly appointment. Mirette kept them company while I washed the dishes and ironed the laundry, and later the day Mirette left.

I was done with the dishes and laundry soon enough, so we spent the rest of the appointment just talking about our plans for the summer.

After they left, I took out the recycling; cardboard, paper, metal, and glass waste. Then I went to the shopping mall to do a little window- shopping before going to the post office to pick up my package. I was right, it was from Zoya!

Once back home, I opened the package, and practically bounced up and down with joy! There were three cute monkey plushies, two pairs of feminist- themed socks, a nifty pink carrier bag, a sterling silver chain bracelet with a gorilla- shaped pendant, lots of nummy chocolate, and an Easter and Valentine’s day greeting cards, and two stickers, one depicting a cute gorilla and another depicting the American Horror Story character Pepper the Pinhead.
I immediately nommed all the chocolate, except the chocolate- covered pineapple marshmallows, I might save them for Eleclya’s birthday party. I also put the stickers on my collage wall.
Thank you so much, my cutie darling Ramone!

I was planning to visit Helsinki, but decided to stay at home and do housework. I looked for stuff to give away to charity, and managed to find plenty.
I also hoovered the floor, along with the floor of my balcony, and made dinner.

I noticed that the lightbulb in my ceiling lamp was burned out, and I thought that I might replace the lamp with a plafond from IKEA. I am going to go visit the nearest IKEA tomorrow, after receiving the weekly allowance from my mother.

The only thing is that I don’t know how to remove the ceiling lamp, I tried to but it’s fastened to the socket in a peculiar way, and besides, I don’t want to get an electric shock again.
I have to call a repairer tomorrow and ask them to take the lamp off and fix the plafond on it.

Tomorrow I will go to the Twinkle cafe, I will give Mella a name- day card because later this week they will have their name- day.
After that, I will go visit my mother to collect the weekly allowance.
I will mail a friend the belonging they forgot at my home during my Easter party.
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