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All feminist brunch makes the rockin' world go 'round

I had a sleepover at Mirette's home. I slept fully clothed in her spare bed, and we both went to sleep about after midnight.

I had a dream about my grade school, and another dream where I watched the Doctor Who episode The Sea Devils on a VHS tape.

Both me and Mirette got up before my smartphone alarm rang. We were both still a bit sleepy.
I took my morning medicine, and ate some candy for breakfast.

Later the morning we left, and took a subway to downtown. We went to a restaurant that we had never visited before; there was a free brunch arranged by a Finnish feminist coalition. We would have had a good time there if the place wasn't so crowded; we barely had room to move.
Nevertheless, I got to eat gluten- free white bread with pesto and hummus, salad with tofu and couscous and beans, and fresh kiwifruit and honeydew melon slices.
After I was done, me and Mirette planned that I will go visit my parents, so my mom and dad can give me the weekly allowance.

I took a bus to my parents' home town. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Once at my parents' home, dad gave me twenty euros. Mom gave me a box of licorice candies she had bought on her cruise, even if I have told her that I don't want her to buy me candy or chocolate, because I already eat far too many treats.
She also complained about how I spend my days, how I shouldn't go to the Twinkle café every week now that I go to the Monday Group as well. She said something like that sometimes she loses her nerve with her family. I didn't even realize she takes my business so seriously.

I ate a handful of cherry tomatoes, and drank some coffee and orange juice.
Later that day, me and my mother walked to the shopping mall where my mother gave me another twenty euros.

I took a bus to Mirette's home. Once there, I ate some vinegar crisps.
We caught a subway to downtown, where we went to Subway to buy some sandwiches. Then we went to a movie theater, and went to see the movie Captain Marvel. I loved that movie, it had an amazing amount of girl power.

After the movie, I took a bus back home. Once there, I took my evening medicine and drank almost a liter of water in one go because I was thirsty after Mirette shared some of her sweet popcorn with me.

I drank about four cups of coffee, and became increasingly worried of the way how I grind my teeth. I have been thinking of getting Botox shots to cure it.

I'm having kind of an existential crisis right now. I see no reason in bettering the quality of my life, because I will be dead in a few decades and then it won't be a problem. I am not talking about suicide, but my natural death.
I also had an idea, but dismissed it right away; I could better my life right now by taking a shower, brushing my teeth, eating some fresh vegetables and fruits, washing the laundry and the dishes. But it's almost midnight, and I was supposed to go to bed.
I also have a strange paranoid feeling that other people will judge me if I stay up late and drink coffee and watch Netflix. I try to tell myself that those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind, but I cannot shake the feeling.
I am also having trouble with relaxing my face muscles; when I relax my cheek muscles, my forehead muscles tense.

Nevertheless, I managed to get up and shower my underbelly that had weird residue in it, and also wash my hands that had some crud under the nails and smelled weird. I also put cortisone lotion on the skinrash in my armpits.

Tomorrow morning I will take a shower and do the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment. I will also brush my teeth.
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