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Updating from the wellness camp :D

Last night I had a dream where I was bullied by a girl I knew from junior high, but the setting was my grade school. It was a regular nightmare.

I was already awake before my smartphone alarm woke me up. I was thinking of getting up and starting the day afresh, but I didn’t have any unsweetened soy milk left for my morning coffee, so I couldn’t scrounge up any motivation.
I got up, took my morning medicine, got dressed, and went back to bed. When my alarm clock rang, I got up, packed the rest of my stuff, and walked to the psychiatric clinic. The bright sunlight and the chilly weather seemed to mock my mood.

One of the counselors drove us to the wellness camp, I drifted in and out of sleep in the van and had weird micro- dreams. Once there, I was still sleepy.

We were given our own rooms, I got the room 6109 that I share with Hilda. When she arrived, I gave her an Easter card; she was very happy about it. She also gave me her birthdate and address, so I can send her more cards.
Once Easter is over, the next holiday cards I send will be Halloween cards.

I took my first biotin supplement of the day because I didn’t take it in the morning.

We went to have lunch, and let me tell you, it has been a while before I ate such a sumptuous meal. After that, I took a nap and had the second biotin of the day, and then we were supposed to play ball games with foreign students (my English vocabulary is very good, but I speak it a bit uncertainly), and I was still sleepy and a bit under the weather. I quickly excused myself and went to the ladies’ changing room to have a bit of a cry.
I have been a bit subdued for a while now because of my PMS, and not to mention that the ball games brought me bad memories from grade school.
I have noticed that I feel better when I have a good cry, rather than when I have a good laugh. Sometimes you have to cry all the tears to make room for all the smiles.
Fortunately the students understood me, and I got plenty of hugs.

We had dinner, which was as scrumptious as the lunch. After that, we went bowling. I had a good time, even if I pretty much screwed up all my throws.

Once back at the hotel, I took my evening medicine and third biotin of the day, took a shower and went to bed.

Tomorrow we will have water polo and curling. I am already looking up to the meals we are having.

On Thursday, we will travel back home. Once there, I will wash laundry, and hoover and mop the floor including from under the furniture and in the bathroom.
In the evening I will take the plastic waste to recycling, and then I will go to the youth group at the local church.

On Friday, I will do the rest of the housework; take out the recycling, wash the dishes, scrub the toilet bowl, take the laundry off the drying racks and iron it.
I will receive money, so I will buy the half of the rest of the Easter cards I am going to mail; I usually buy two kinds of greeting cards, the ones that I am going to give from hand to hand to a friend, and those that I am going to mail to a friend who lives farther. Usually I buy the kinds of greeting cards that have the postage fees paid by a charitable company.
I will also buy a new toothbrush and tongue brush I am going to use at granny’s home, a small tin of xylitol drops, and of course, the sustenance for the omnibus journey.
My bus leaves at twenty minutes past six o’clock in the evening, and it arrives at granny’s home town at half past nine o’clock in the evening.
Once there, I will have supper with granny, unpack my luggage, and go to sleep.

On Saturday, I will go for a walk around the neighborhood. Me and granny will also go to the sauna.

On Sunday, I will go for another walk around the neighborhood, and also knit and watch Netflix.
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