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Second day at the Wellness Camp

Last night I woke up about at midnight. I had the kind of vision that the bedside table lamp was turned on, even if it wasn’t.

When Hilda’s smartphone alarm started buzzing in the morning, neither of us got up. I finally got up, took my biotin and morning medicine, and got dressed.

For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs, two hard- boiled eggs, two tangerines, and coffee.

Later that day, we had endurance tests; how many times you could run from place to place in fifty seconds, how fast you could dribble a ball from line to line, and how far you could jump.

After a short break, we went to a sports hall with two huge trampolines. I started jumping on one of them, and I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants! It was amazing!
We had other activities too, such as one where we stood in a circle and everyone had to come up with a stretching exercise that all the others repeated. I came up with the one where you stretch your calf muscles.

After a while, we had lunch, and then we went to a swimming pool.
We did water aerobics and played water polo, after that we had dinner.
I have noticed that I always get hungry when I do water aerobics or swim a lot in a swimming hall.
I have also noticed that I don’t miss coffee much now that I have got cocoa to drink.

I went back to my hotel room to update my journal, watch How Sarah Got Her Wings and The Good Place and click the daily donation buttons on Greater Good.

I have noticed that the four front teeth on my lower jaw have started hurting in the same way they have hurt many times; not exactly painfully hurting, just annoying, like itching.

In the evening, we played curling. I found it boring and too hard, not to mention that I was afraid of slipping on the ice. I just sat on the benches and wrote into my diary. One of the foreign students complimented on my penwomanship (my spellchecker actually recognizes that word!).

We were given paper forms that we could use to give critique on the camp.
Once in my hotel room, I took my evening medicine and third biotin supplement, then I updated my blog.

Tomorrow we will have more ball games, and then we will drive back to the metropolitan area.
I should be back home about at three o’clock in the afternoon. Once back home, if I am still sleepy, I will sleep off all the sleep debt. After getting up, I will go to the supermarket to buy a carton of unsweetened soy milk, and an Easter card for the youth group workers. I also have to do housework; wash laundry, hoover and mop the floor including from under the furniture and also in the bathroom, and take the plastic waste to recycling before the youth group at the local church. I will give the Easter card to the youth group workers.

Friday will be a very busy day; I will receive the weekly allowance from my guardian of interest. I will buy fourteen Easter cards that I am going to mail to my friends, and another Easter card for my granny.
I also have to buy sustenance for the trip, and a toothbrush, tongue brush, interdental brushes, and a box of xylitol drops I can eat after every meal.
I also have to buy the greeting cards I will send next week, and proper stamps for them.
I will also do the rest of the housework; scrub the toilet bowl, take out the recycling, iron the laundry, pack the rest of the luggage, and triple- check every detail before leaving.
I will take an omnibus to my granny’s home town, the bus will be there at half past eight o’clock in the evening. Granny promised that if I call her when I arrive, she will throw the keys from the window so I can go in.

On Saturday, I will go for two long walks around the neighborhood; one at the lakeshore, and one on the hill. Me and granny will also go to the sauna.

On Sunday, I will go for another two walks, and knit a lot and watch Netflix.
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