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An amazing day :3

Last night I had a dream where I somehow got 2660 euros deposited to my bank account. I immediately spent it on Wish and Etsy.

Today was the last day at the wellness camp. I could have stayed a bit longer, because I was just getting used to the routines.

Anyway. In the morning, I got begrudgingly up from my bed at half past six in the morning after being awoken by my roomie’s fart.
I got dressed, took my morning medicine and first biotin supplement of the day, and went to eat breakfast.

For today, we played ball games with something called kinball which was a huge inflated ball about the size of a gorilla; we were given colored vests, blue, green, yellow, and red, and divided into colored groups. Three other players of the same colored vest held the ball up, and one shouted a color such as “Blue!” and threw the ball, and then the blues had to catch the ball, hold it up, and shout a color while throwing it, and then the aforementioned group had to catch it.
Then we played tag where the tag was supposed to touch another person with the kinball, and then the tagged person had to do the same. I had a good time and laughed a lot, and we played plenty of other games.

After that, we were divided into two groups, and the first one was supposed to go to something called “sense room”. I thought it might be like the assisted suicide clinic from the movie Soylent Green, but it looked like a class room with photos from the Swiss Alps projected on the screen. Everyone burst out laughing when it showed cows grazing at a pasture. Moo!

After that, we had lunch, and then we had the final meeting. We packed our luggage to the minivan, I hugged Hilda, and then we left.
It took us an hour and a half to drive to the metropolitan area. I let my head loll against the van window, and I had a dream where I ate oatmeal and actually opened and closed my mouth in my sleep. Then the dream changed, and I was eating spaghetti Bolognese.

We stopped at Stick City, where the rest of the group got off. The counselor drove me to my home town, where I went to the supermarket to buy a carton of unsweetened soy milk.

I went back home, took the second biotin supplement, washed a load of laundry, and shaved my armpits. I need to buy a new razor.
I took the last load off the drying rack, folded it, and put the not- ironable to the cupboard and the ironable to the ironing board.

I went to the shopping mall to return empty bottles and cans and bought an Easter card I gave to the counselor in the youth group.
Once at the youth group, I drank coffee and ate plenty of goodies, such as cheese Pringles and salmiakki candy.

I left after about an hour and went back to the shopping mall. I returned more empty cans that I had found, and bought an Easter card to my granny, one with a picture of Jesus Christ on a grassy field, herding sheep. Baa!

I went back home, took my evening medicine and the last biotin supplement, and put on a bathrobe instead of a nightie so I wouldn’t have to wash too much laundry tomorrow.

My head hurts in a way it feels like it’s in a vice. There’s a weird pressure on the top and sides.

Tomorrow will be a busy day; the first thing to do is to take a shower and brush my teeth and put on clean clothes.
I need to make a few phone calls, three of them will go to the counselors of a few hobby groups that I am going to take part in this spring, and I also need to make a dentist’s appointment.
I will go to the shopping mall and buy fourteen Easter cards, a biodegradable toothbrush, and a small box of xylitol drops, next week’s birthday and name- day cards and proper postage stamps.
I will spend the afternoon tidying up; I need to swab the dining table, nightstand, writing desk, and the kitchen counter, tidy up the bathroom, hoover and mop the floor including from under the furniture and in the bathroom, take out the recycling, iron the clothes, wash the dishes, wash another load of laundry, take the mattress and blanket and pillow to the balcony, and at some point I have to visit my parents’ home town to take the plastic waste to recycling.
After that, I will go to downtown. I will buy a few nightshirts from the discount sale at the thrift store, and also a tongue brush from the eco- shop.
My omnibus leaves at twenty minutes past six o’clock in the evening, and it will arrive to my granny’s home town at half past eight o’clock in the evening.
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