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Still doin' good

Last night I had plenty of weird dreams; I was fighting with the REDs from the first- person shooter game Team Fortress 2 against Silent Hill monsters.
In another dream, I went to a funfair and played a game and won a Pikachu plushy doll and a bottle of aloe vera water.
The dreams felt like usual dreams, they didn’t feel too realistic or like I knew I was dreaming. It felt like watching TV.

I woke up when granny came to my bedroom looking for clean towels from the cupboards. I didn’t know what the time was because granny hadn’t changed all the old- fashioned clocks in her apartment (we transferred to daylight savings time yesterday; my laptop and smartphone change the time automatically). I managed to get up, took my morning medicine and biotin supplements with cocoa, and didn’t bother with having breakfast.

Later that day my granny left, she was going to some sort of work out group for senior ladies at the gym. I stayed at her home, listening to music and drinking cocoa.

About at noon one of my best friends (whose name and gender I won’t reveal in order to protect their privacy) called me and told me that they had been considering suicide. I was immediately worried sick and tried to cheer them up as much as I could, but I simply cannot save another person from themselves. I thought of calling an ambulance, but I was so shocked that I couldn’t do anything.

I didn’t make any April fools jokes today. I know it’s all for fun, but I think the best kind of April fools are the ones that aren’t nasty or rude or scary, but those that make you feel happy that things aren’t so bad after all.
I know I don’t have any sense of humor, but I don’t like the kind of people who hurt, bully, abuse, harass, and / or insult others and then say; “Aww c’mon, I was just joking! Where’s your sense of humor?!”

I brushed my teeth, had macaroni casserole for lunch, and then granny came home.
I went for a walk, but only made it to the library because I was sick with worry for my friend. I know I cannot save them, so all I can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. And even if they choose to commit suicide, I will bring flowers to their grave and hope they are having a good time in paradise.

I sat around for a while, went to see a new art show, and then I went back to granny’s home. I felt like my head was high in the clouds, and my mind was lost in thought.

I spent the day reading books, knitting, and I also played the beta version of FreeRice until I had donated 1,000 grains of rice.

In the evening, I went for another walk. The scent of the air outside clung to my spring coat, it was nice.

Once back at granny’s home, I watched television with her and talked a bit.

I took my evening medicine and the last biotin of the day. I also sprayed Nasonex into my nostrils.
At some point I should brush my teeth, wash my face, feet, and armpits, dab lotion on my skin, and change into a nightie, but it feels like as much of an effort as climbing a high mountain.
Tomorrow I will go to the library and fetch two DVDs I had requested. I will only watch one a day.

Wednesday and Thursday will pretty much be the same; I will go for walks, visit the art museum and the library, play FreeRice, and watch movies.

On Friday, I will receive the weekly allowance from my guardian of interest. I will buy fifteen charitable Easter cards from the local supermarket, and write the greetings, signatures, and addresses.
I will also return all the books and DVDs to the library.

On Saturday, I will go to sauna with my granny. I will wash my hair, so I will look representable when I return to the metropolitan area.

On Sunday, my omnibus leaves at ten minutes past four o’clock in the afternoon, and it will return in Helsinki at half past six o’clock in the evening. I will take a bus back home because there is no way I can haul my suitcase to the train station, bleh.
Once back at my home town, I will go to the supermarket and buy all April’s name- day and birthday cards.
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