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Another day at granny's

Last night I had a dream about the Doctor Who episode Angels Take Manhattan; it was kind of a re- imagination of said episode because in that dream, both Rory and Amy looked at the eleventh Doctor at the same time, smiled, and then died. The dream was so sad and beautiful that I almost woke up crying.
I had many other dreams; in one of them, I hosted an Easter party at my parents’ home that looked more like a lake house or the holiday resort where me and my mother used to go when I was a kid. I didn’t have enough money to buy all the Easter party treats, but a lot of visitors turned up.
In another dream, I was a paranormal investigator who investigated an abandoned school building with a “smile room” dominated by an imp who wanted to make everyone laugh. In the same dream, I investigated banshees in the Scottish moors and jackalopes in New Jersey.

I woke up early, fell back asleep, and when I woke up again and slowly opened my eyes. There were black squiggles dancing in front of my eyes, it looked like someone had stamped the ceiling with ink in the same repetitive text. I tried to read it, but then I got sick of it and got up.

I took my morning medicine and the first biotin supplement of the day. For breakfast I had muesli, a heart- shaped sandwich, and coffee.
I sprayed Nasonex into my nostrils, obeying granny’s advice; blocked my other nostrils, sprayed two sprays into the other and inhaled deeply; then the same to the other nostril.
I washed my face and put on face serum and cold cream, dabbed Miniderm on my skin, brushed my teeth, put my hair on plait, ironed my purple Dirndl dress and hung it on a coat hanger.

Granny went to the public swimming pool for water aerobics, I stayed at her home. I made some more coffee.

I received money today. I made a donation to Save The Children, paid for the Doctor Who DVD I had borrowed from the library and misplaced, and then I also paid for my Netflix subscription.

After granny came home, we had lunch, and then I went out. I went to the library to return a stack of books and DVDs, and then I went to the supermarket and bought four (4) Easter cards. Now I need to buy twelve (12) mailable cards, and then the ones I am going to hand out to my friends.

Once back at granny’s home, I spent most of the day inside, scrolling through my Facebook feed and Tumblr dashboard. I also clicked all the donation buttons on Greater Good, both on my laptop and smartphone, and played the beta version of Free Rice until my donation total reached 20,000 grains of rice.

In the evening I went out again, I wanted to visit the culture center but it was closed. I will go there tomorrow.

Once back at granny’s home, she had made pancakes. They had some green bits stuck at them, like parsley, but I didn’t say anything.

I ran out of knitting yarn, and my fingers are already itching to continue knitting quilts for the poor and unfortunate souls.
I called my mother and asked her if she could buy me more knitting yarn, preferably the stripy kind because I like it so much. I also asked her if she could buy me a new pair of shoes, because it’s spring here in Finland and I need a pair of proper shoes for the non- snowy season.

I made an appointment for having my nails and eyebrows done.
I also texted my father and asked him if he could fix my bicycle.

In the evening, I got an anxiety attack, but went to sleep nonetheless.

Tomorrow I will start packing for my journey back to the metropolitan area. I will go to the culture center, and then I will go to sauna with granny. I need to wash my hair properly, so I will look representable when I go back home.

On Sunday, I will go back home. My omnibus leaves at ten past four o’clock in the afternoon and will arrive to Helsinki at half past six o’clock in the evening. I will take a train back home.
Once there, I will unpack my suitcase, wash all the dirty clothes that I wore during my vacation, put on a face mask, sort out the recycling, stuff like that.
I will walk to my parents’ home, so my dad can give me the weekly allowance. I will buy groceries.
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