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Sheesh, what kind of dreams I had!

Last night when I went to bed, I had a slight anxiety attack. It was there, but it wasn't as bad as usual.

I realized that one way of coping with my physical and mental ailments is that I am trying to figure out a way to cure them; my joints have been a bit stiff, is there a special exercise or stretching method that could help them? I'm having an anxiety attack, could eating a special mixture of nutrients help it?

When I went to bed, I found myself thinking that I am glad that tomorrow is a new day.

I had weird dreams. In one of them, I was in a city near my current home town, and there was a car tire factory that had exploded. It spread dangerous gas or something that looked like the symbiote from Venom, and it got stuck into people's bodies.
The government soldiers took us into abandoned factories and shot everyone who had been infected, and when they tried shooting me, I burst into tears and I was spared, somehow.
In the same dream, me and some other people found refugee in an abandoned shopping mall. I was living the best time of my life, I could lunch in a Chinese restaurant, go to a cosmetics shop to pick up face cream, and read books in a stationery shop. The society outside was in ruins and the air was dangerous to breathe, while I enjoyed luxurious life style.
In the same dream, me and a young feral man teamed up and went to my parents' home because I wanted to pick up some of my belongings. In the same dream, I had received a Facebook message from someone named Benjamin Cumberbatch who wanted to meet me on Saturday at a shopping center downtown; he explained that he was Benedict Cumberbatch and he wanted to do some sort of charitable work by bringing clean drinking water to the area destroyed by the factory explosion. I realized that it was only a small part of the town that was affected, and there was life outside it.

In another dream, I was in a forest in my mother's home town with Mick "the Sniper" Mundy from the first- person shooter game Team Fortress 2.
I walked away from him and ended up in a burial site. There was a grave where you could step on to hear a piece of music composed by the person, and stuff like that.

In yet another dream, me and my three best friends Mirette, Suavecita, and Eleclya were in a ski lift that looked like a level from the Crash Bandicoot games.

I woke up early, but decided not to get up because my dreams were so nice. And also, I had run out of milk and sugar, so I couldn't make coffee.

I got up anyway, took my morning medicine and the first biotin supplement. I got dressed and washed my face.

When I was having a wash, I heard my mail slot clatter. I went to check it out, and what do you know! I had received about half of all the Easter cards I had mailed. I guess it is because I put the return address stickers on them as well; I decided to take them to the postal office today.

I went to the church today, I had an appointment with a priest. We talked about religious stuff over a cup of coffee.

After that, I went to the shopping mall and bought an orange, a carton of lactose- free milk, and a bag of sugar.
I went to the library to pick up my requests.

Once back home, I made coffee, ate the orange, took the laundry off the drying rack, folded it and put it to the cupboard, except for the ones that are going to be ironed. I took the second biotin .
I called Eleclya and asked her if I can come over, she said Odessa was also visiting. They said it's alright for me to come over.

I took a bus to the postal office because it was a tad bit chilly outside and I didn't feel like walking. I re- mailed all the cards, and then I took a bus to Eleclya's home town.
Eleclya texted me and told me I cannot come after all, because she has some men coming over.

I visited a grocery shop to buy a mint chocolate truffle bar, and then I took a bus back home. I called my mother and asked her if I can come over, she said I can.

Once at my parents' home, both mom and dad and also my brother were home. My brother is staying for a couple of days because there is a renovation at his apartment.

Mom made me cocoa, I also ate a handful of cherry tomatoes, some feta cheese, and a couple of sandwiches. Along with the cocoa, I drank orange juice.

Later that day, I took a bus back to my home town. I took some discarded trolleys to the supermarket.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine and the last biotin supplement of the day. I brushed my hair and put three kinds of lotion on my face, and changed into a nightie.

I clicked all the daily donation buttons on Greater Good, and then I played Free Rice until my donation total reached 28,000 grains of rice.

Tomorrow I will go visit Eleclya, Suavecita will be there as well. After that, I will go to the youth group at the local church.

On Friday, I will receive the weekly allowance. I will pay for my Microsoft Word subscription, and order a ticket to the coffee festival.
I will buy two blankets and two pillows for my sleepover visitors. I will also buy treats for the Easter party.
In the evening, I will go to the sauna.

On Saturday, I will host an Easter party at my home. I need to tidy up before the guests arrive.

On Sunday, I will go to the coffee festival with Mirette.
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