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Just another Monday :D

I was already awake at six o’clock in the morning and thought about getting up. But then I reasoned that I wouldn’t find anything special to do, so I just kept on sleeping.
I got up at nine o’clock, and I was achy all over and in a foul mood. I went to the bathroom, took my morning medicine and the first biotin supplement of the day, and went to back to bed.

I got up again about at midday, washed the gunky sleep out of my eyes, got dressed, and went out. I was supposed to go to the nearest junior high to vote in the elections, but there was a normal school day, and there was also a notification that no other people than the students were allowed in.
Later that day I realized that the actual voting day is on Sunday this week.

On my way back home, I mailed the Easter cards. I still need to buy twelve of the ones I am supposed to mail, and also the ones that I am supposed to give from hand to hand.

I went back home and washed a load of laundry.
When my care worker came for the weekly appointment, I just hung the laundry but didn’t bother with washing the dishes or ironing the laundry. I just talked with her.
We made a new appointment on Wednesday, on the week after next week.
After she left, I stayed inside and wrote into my diary.

I went out and visited the shopping mall to buy a big bar of salmiakki chocolate. I took a bus to another part of the neighboring town and took a subway to Pasture Cape. Once there, I visited the eco- market and planned on buying some stuff. I also visited the nearest thrift store that has a new selection, and I almost fainted when I saw all the amazing clothes! When I get my monthly allowance, I am going to go there to buy all of the clothes I swooned at.

I went to Girls’ House, talked to Mirette a little bit, and then I left because I was heading to the Monday Evening group.
I took a tram to Pole City, once there I went to the place. Raija was there as well.

I made myself a sandwich and a cup of cocoa, and also ate some cherry tomatoes. I talked with the others.

When it was time to leave, I took a tram to downtown and went to a shopping mall to look for new clothes and jewelry, and also thought of buying some cute stuff for Zoya.

I took a bus back to my home town. Once back home, I took my evening medicine and the last biotin of the day, and sprayed Nasonex into both of my nostrils.
I made raspberry & rose petal tea for supper.

Tomorrow I will wash my hair and use the twelve- step Korean skincare regiment.
If it has not snowed during the night, I will walk- push my bicycle to my parents’ home so that my dad can fix it. My mom will give me money and a spool of knitting yarn.
I will go to a stationery shop to buy greeting cards and postage stamps.
I will go to Twinkle café and give Raija and Mella their own Easter cards.
I have to leave early because I am going to a knitting & novel reading group in the library in Flux Island.

On Wednesday, I will go visit a priest in the local church. We will talk about religious stuff.
In the evening, I will go to movies to see Blackkklansman.

On Thursday, I will go visit my favorite dressmaker to bring them an Easter card. I will also go visit Perkele and give him and his family a card as well.
In the evening, I will go to the youth group at the same church.

On Friday, I will receive the weekly allowance from my guardian of interest. I will order a ticket to a coffee festival and also pay for my Microsoft Word subscription.
I will go shopping and buy two blankets and pillows for my sleepover visitors, and also Easter party treats and some festive paper plates.
In the evening, I will go to the sauna.

On Saturday, I will tidy up my apartment before the party guests arrive. Elysion and Mirette will have a sleepover at my home.

On Sunday, I will go to the coffee festival with Mirette. I will also go visit my parents so that my father can give me the weekly allowance. I will buy Easter cards.
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