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My friends are awesome

Last night I had weird dreams about this and that, I really don’t feel like writing about them as exquisitely as I wrote yesterday.

I woke up early when my Messenger alerted me. My closest friends had already started their group chat.

I got up at noon, took my morning medicine and the first biotin of the day. I had coffee for breakfast, washed my face and put lotion on it, and got dressed.

Later that day, I went to see Eleclya just like we had agreed. I took a train to her home town.
Once at Eleclya’s home, Suavecita arrived as well. We ate the peppermint meringues and drank coffee.
Torsti the bunny kept nibbling on my backpack straps.

Later that day we left at the same time, the other girls were heading to a utility shop to buy new lightbulbs and then went for a brisk evening walk to catch Pokémon.
I took a bus back to my home town, and went to the youth group at the new church.
I had a good time, talked with others, and ate plenty of treats.

I went to the shopping mall to take some discarded shopping carts to the shopping cart collection area and looked at Easter cards I could buy. I am sending the last batch of the Easter cards next week.

Once back at home, I had received junk mail even if I have a notification on the door about junk mail! And I also received a magazine that was supposed to be sent to someone who lived in this apartment before me. I will take it to the post office as soon as possible.

I dabbed lotion on my face and brushed my hair. In the evening, I took my evening medicine and the last biotin supplement of the day. I sprayed Nasonex into both of my nostrils and brushed my teeth.
I washed a load of laundry.

I have an unusually large, hard pimple on my collarbone. I have let it ripen for a few days and today I tried to pop it, but nothing but blood comes out. I also have a load of whiteheads on my chin, they are fun to pop.

Tomorrow I will receive the weekly allowance from my guardian of interest. I will order a PDF ticket to the coffee festival on Sunday.
I will go see my mother, she promised to give me extra money for the party. I will also ride my bicycle back home now that my brother has fixed it.
I will go shopping and buy two blankets and pillows for the two sleepover visitors. I will also buy the treats that I am going to serve at the Easter party; chocolate eggs, marshmallows peeps, jelly beans, blueberries, grapes, and cucumbers and carrots to slice and dip into sauce; and a box of cocoa powder and coffee grounds, and also oat milk, lactose- free milk, and whole milk.
Elysion will come for a sleepover, we will go to the sauna together. I will wash my hair and use the new bar of organic soap that I had bought.

On Saturday, I will tidy up my apartment before the guests arrive.

On Sunday, I will go vote in the elections, then go to the coffee festival with Mirette. In the evening, I will go see my parents so that my father can give me the weekly allowance.
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