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Having a good time

On Thursday I used a repairing hair mask for the first time in a while; it made my hair a tad bit flat after it was dry, I guess I used too much of it.
I went to see my mother who gave me the monthly hundred euros, I had also received the weekly allowance from my guardian of interest; I was supposed to receive them later this week but there will be bank holidays due to Easter.
I went shopping and bought a Gillette shaving blade; I want to support Gillette due to their advertisements concerning positive masculinity and body positivity. I also bought a packet of disposable shaving blades for my friends during sleepovers.
I also bought two kinds of eye cream, one for my bathroom and one for my backpack.
Later that day, my friend Mirette came for a visit.
We went thrift store prowling, and then we went to a Burger King where I ate a portion of French fries and a double halloumi burger. Then we went to a milkshake bar where I taste- tested a cherry milkshake and a cookie dough milkshake.
By then we were so full of delicious food that we both joked that soon we are going to get a membership card to Weight Watchers!
Once back home, I was tired but still managed to do all the evening routines. I went to bed feeling happy and content.

On Friday, I mainly chilled inside all day. I wanted to go for a walk, but I was gripped by anxiety.
Mirette came for a sleepover.

Today we went to a karaoke party hosted by Rige. First we went to visit Eleclya, Berry and Suavecita came as well.

I am a bit worried about Berry; she said today that she hates herself and the way her body looks because no man except for creeps wants her. I tried my best to convince her that she is gorgeous and shouldn’t validate herself through men’s eyes.

Once at Rige’s home, we had a good time and I sang a famous Finnish song. I also ate plenty of treats.

I was the first to leave; I took a bus to another part of my home town and then a train. I saw plenty of gorgeous landscapes and a gorgeous sundown.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine and the last biotin of the day, brushed my teeth and put on a clean nightie.

Tomorrow I will take a shower and wash my hair, and I will also put on a face mask and shave my armpits and chin pubes.
I will ride my bicycle to my parents’ home. I will take the plastic waste to recycling on my way there.
Once at my parents’ home, my dad will give me the weekly allowance. I will call my granny.
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