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Pain pills

My right shoulder has started hurting again. I guess the cortisone is wearing off. Weird, I only skipped taking my pain medicine for a day after the prescription wasn't renewed, but now I am using them again.

I had a dream where I was in Eleclya's home town. It was a starry winter night, I was wandering outside in normal clothes except I wasn't wearing a top, only a dirty stretched out bralette I had when I was a teenager and had smaller honkers. Anyway, I got a bright idea; I called my mom even if it was midnight, and we went to a department store to buy me a t- shirt, and we were breezily chatting along like mom and daughter.

I woke up, looked at the clock on my smartphone, and decided to get up.
I took my morning medicine and the first biotin of the day, and made the first coffee of the day.

I got dressed, washed my face and put toner, serum, eye cream, and lotion on it.

I received money today, so I ordered a ticket to the Ice Cream & Chocolate festival on Sunday, paid my monthly gym member membership fee, and also paid my Spotify Premium subscription.

I went to the appointment at the psychiatric center. It was a bit grey and chilly outside, but I didn't feel cold.

Once at the clinic, I told the receptionist that I was supposed to have an appointment today with the doctor. The receptionist sighed and said that the doctor has screwed up again, he hasn't made any notifications about an appointment. Nevertheless, I went to the waiting room and after a while, my mother showed up. She gave me a piece of raspberry chocolate.

During the appointment, the dunderhead doctor prescribed me some medicine to help my evening anxiety, and also told me that I can reduce the amount of Ketipinor in my evening medicine from three pills to two pills.
My mom complained that I sleep too much, and she also complained about how I never study or work.

I went to the shopping mall and withdrew the rest of the cash. I went to a café and bought a goat cheese bagel and a mug of cocoa with marshmallows. I knew I could have spent the money on groceries, or at least tipped the waiter, but I didn't bother.

When I went back home, it started raining. Once back home, I took off my shoes and left my backpack on the floor and didn't even take off my hoodie; I went to bed and had a two- hour depression nap.
I woke up feeling like nothing at all. Not sad or angry or happy, I popped to the shopping mall to buy some sugar and oat milk, and once back home, I made some coffee.

Later in the evening, I left and took a bus to downtown. I was heading to the Red Cross youth group.

Once at downtown, I went to the Red Cross office. I had a good time at the group, chatting with others and eating plenty of treats.
Later in the evening, I left and went to the shopping mall to look at clothing shops. I really should buy new clothes soon.
I also went to the stationery shop and bought three postage stamps; one for a card outside Finland, and two for Finnish mail.

I traveled back home, once there I felt happy.
I took my evening medicine sans one Ketipinor, hoping the change would help me get up tomorrow morning.

I am feeling rather speedy and manic, but I don't feel anxious at all.

Tomorrow I will go to Eleclya's 31st birthday party, after that Mirette will come to my home for a sleepover.

On Sunday, I will go to the Ice Cream & Chocolate festival, and I will also go visit my parents. My dad will give me the weekly allowance, and I will also call my granny. 
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