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Winter is coming, again

There was a weather forecast that there will be a back winter in most of the parts of Finland, but not necessarily in the South where I live.
I had a dream where the landscape outside my balcony had turned into muddy fields covered by snow. In another dream I heard a truck driving down the road where I live, and I thought it was a snowplow.
I had very intensive dreams. In one of them, I told my mother I won’t be able to live to see my future if we won’t travel to Lapland. I dreamed of all of space and time, and woke up in the safety of my bed.

I had slept very late and had such intensive dreams that made my reality a bit weird.

I got up, took my morning medicine and the first biotin of the day, and then I had coffee and a few sandwiches.

I was feeling a bit unhappy and unmotivated towards doing anything. I strongly guess it’s the cold and rainy weather and the fact that there was a holiday in the middle of the week, it has given me a bit of jet- lag.

I received money today. I completely forgot that I was supposed to recharge my travel card.
I went to the shopping mall. Sheesh, it was cold outside!
All the ATM machines were out of cash, so I decided to pay with my debit card.

I went to the supermarket and bought groceries. I also bought two Mother’s Day cards; one for my mother, and one for my granny.
On the cashier line, I helped this elderly lady pack her groceries.
I went to the stationery shop and bought twenty postage stamps; ten for mail to be delivered inside Finland, and another ten for outside Finland.

I went back home, put all my belongings to their rightful places, and then I decided to go visit an art museum.

I took a bus, because I didn’t feel like taking a train. Once at the last stop, I decided to take the same bus back home; I didn’t feel like going to the museum after all. Somehow I had already used all my spoons.

I traveled back home, and went to the shopping mall to buy two mint chocolate truffle bars.
Once back home, I fixed myself some dinner, took a shower and brushed my teeth. I immediately felt better, but then it was time to go to bed.

I took my evening medicine, and I also had to take one anti- anxiety pill and one extra Ketipinor because I was feeling manic and speedy.

I woke up early this morning after having even more intensive dreams. Right after I had woken up, my mother called me and asked if I was still in bed. I lied and told her that I was having my morning coffee; we agreed to meet at the local shopping mall.

I got up, took my morning medicine and the first biotin of the day, got dressed, and left.
Sheesh, it was still cold outside!

I took a train to my parents’ home town, where I met my mother at the convenience store. I needed to spell the situation out three times before she finally agreed to pay for the recharging of my travel card.

After she had finally recharged it, I took a train back home and went right to bed.
After getting up, I made coffee, replaced the towels with fresh ones, took the bedding to the balcony, and scrubbed the toilet bowl.

I went to see Eleclya today, she is currently living at her adoptive mother’s home because she went aboard for a month, and needs someone to take care of Dipsy the dog. Her bunny rabbit Toast is currently at Berry’s home.

I took a bus to her home, and once there, Dipsy barked madly at me and then scurried away when I tried to pet him.
We had coffee, cocoa, and candy. Later Mirette and Odessa came for a visit as well.

I left early, and took a bus and then a train and then a subway and went to an art museum. I had a good time there.
I went to the café and ordered a glass of water, so I could take my second biotin supplement.

I took a subway and then a bus back home because I wanted to take a longer way; I needed to be alone with my thoughts and also knit a lot.

Once back at my home town, I went to the supermarket and looked for new gloves.

Once back at home, I changed from my day clothes into a bathrobe, washed a load of laundry, and in the evening I took my evening medicine and the last biotin supplement of the day.

I wondered if I could leave my drying racks with the laundry hung on it on the balcony, would it freeze during the night? I decided not to take a useless risk, and instead brought the drying rack inside.
I washed another load of laundry, had some supper, and brought my bedding inside from the balcony.

In the evening when I changed from bathrobe to nightie, I managed to put Miniderm on my skin.

Tomorrow the first thing to do is to shave my chin and armpits, and then put on a face mask.
I will go visit my parents and take the plastic waste to recycling.
Once at my parents’ home, I will call my granny.
My dad will give me the weekly allowance, I will buy a new pair of gloves with it.
After that, I will go to two museums in downtown. Once back home, I will finish doing the housework.
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