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Back home again! ^_^

Last night I had a dream where I was studying in Hogwarts, and realized that I was actually dreaming. I tried to sit up in my bed in order to wake myself up.

I got up in the morning, took my medicine and the first biotin, and then I went back to bed and slept for a full hour, as usually when I go to bed right after taking my morning medicine. I wonder why I never fall asleep right after going to bed when I have taken my evening medicine.

Anyway, I got up later, got dressed, and had breakfast with the other girls. Suavecita took Dipsy for walkies.

Later that day, I packed my stuff and left. I caught a bus back home.
Once at my home, I noticed that I had received one of the Easter cards I had sent to a friend, with a stamp that said "Unable to forward". I had also received a notification that a plastic recycling bin will be constructed at my home yard. I like that, I no longer need to take my plastic trash to the recycling bin near my parents' home!

I put everything to their rightful places, and later the day I left. I took a bus downtown and went to a shopping mall, there was an Europe Day celebration going on. Mostly there were different political parties holding up stands, and I went from stand to stand and asked them questions and grabbed some free candy.

After that, I traveled to another part of the town and that's when my smartphone ran out of battery. Fortunately I met my mother, she was going to take part in the same group as I was.

We walked around the forest, and I was in high spirits. I should go for walks in the nature more often.

After the group, mom bought me a candy floss- flavored ice cream cone with strawberry sauce. Then we took the same train back home.
On the train there was a drunken man acting creepy, and I felt bothered.

Once back home, I took my evening medicine and went to bed, still feeling bothered.
The only bad things that happened to me today was my phone running out of batteries, and the creepy man on the train.

Tomorrow I will receive money. I will go shopping, and then I need to visit Eleclya and pay her for the sushi buffet. I will also bring her a few liters of milk to compensate all the milk that I had drank with cocoa when I visited her.
I will also go shopping at the mall next to her home.
In the evening, I will go to movies with Mirette, we will go see Avengers: Endgame.

On Saturday, I will start doing housework.
In the afternoon, I will go to Mirette's house- leaving party, and stay overnight.

On Sunday, I will go back home. I will shave my chin and armpits, and put on a face mask.
I will go visit my parents, and preferably ride my bicycle there and back.
I will call my granny, and my dad will give me the weekly allowance.
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