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I have the flu :c

On Thursday morning, I woke up with a sore throat. I guess it was because I had been caught in the rain without a coat when I went to see Eleclya on Wednesday; it’s always the same, I get a little rainwater on my bare skin and immediately get the flu.
On the same evening, I went to see this middle school theater production of Stephen King’s novel Carrie. It was more like a dress rehearsal, but it was still awesome.

On Friday, I received money. I fetched my mended clothes from the dressmaker, and I didn’t buy groceries because I had some left from last week.
In the afternoon, my care worker came for the weekly appointment. Mostly we just talked, because I didn’t want to wash the dishes or iron the laundry now that I was ill with the flu.
In the evening, me and Mirette went thrift store prowlin’; there's a thrift store chain in my home country (like GoodWill in the USA) that has these occasional discounts, for example, on Monday and Tuesday everything costs seven euros at maximum, on Wednesday and Thursday they cost six euros, and on Friday and Saturday, five euros, and on next week's Saturday, they cost only one euro.
We especially visited the ones in proximity to the town center, the ones that have a special vintage department. I bought a stripy long- sleeved shirt, and three dresses.
We went to Burger King to have a little sustenance to keep our spirits up, I bought a halloumi burger and big fries.

On Saturday morning I woke up and had a feeling that I had a full- blown flu. I stayed inside all day, except when I went to the supermarket to buy unsweetened soymilk for my coffee.

Today I felt slightly better. I called my mother and we agreed to meet at the local shopping mall so she could give me my dad’s weekly allowance. Then I went to the newsagent to put a tenner’s worth of charge into my travel card and bought two liters of unsweetened soymilk.
Then I went to the nearest school to vote in the Europarliament election.
Me and Mirette went to the World Village festival in downtown, it’s about nature protection, multiculturalism, democracy, charity, and other awesome stuff that I like. I got a free tote with a cute design, lots of free candy, and a free badge.

I was in a lousy mood because I had the flu, and it kept on raining a lot.

Later that day I headed back home, and went to the shopping mall to buy a pump- action bottle of hand wash gel.

Once back home, I ate some supper and made coffee, and I felt weird; I didn’t feel as depressed and anxious as I usually feel, the delusions bothered me as usually, but I didn’t feel like, freaked out or unhappy, and I didn’t feel like if I drink a cup of coffee after taking my evening medicine, I didn’t believe it was going to deteriorate my mental and physical health.

In the evening, I started feeling anxious and frustrated again, about at when I was supposed to go to bed. I hoped I would feel better tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will wash my hair, it’s in a desperate need of a wash.
My care worker will come for the weekly appointment at 12:45 pm, I will wash the dishes.
In the afternoon, I will go to the summer party at Girls’ House.
I also have some errands to do; return a DVD to the library, and swing by the pharmacy to pick up my anti- depressants.
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